LilyPichu Net Worth 2022: Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Twitch Streamer, Income (Updated)

What Is LilyPichu’s Net Worth? (Latest Updated)

Net Worth$1.5 Million
Date of BirthNovember 20, 1991
Age30 Years Old
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, United States
Source of WealthTwitch Streamer, Youtuber, Social Media personality
Last Updated2022

Lily Ki, also famously known as LilyPichu, is an American Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Internet personality, musician, animator, and voice actress. As of 2022, his current net worth is $1.5 million

She is a member of an online social entertainment content creator group called OfflineTV. She is best known for creating content related to music, doing Twitch streaming, and creating Youtube videos. 

LilyPichu has gained 2.4 million followers on Twitch and 3 million subscribers on YouTubers.


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How Was LilyPichu’s Early Life And Education?

LilyPichu’s real name is Lily Ki. She was born on November 20, 1991, in Korea. She is of Korean descent, but her parents migrated to the United States when she was just 5 years old.

Because of that, she had her childhood in the United States, and that helped her to build a career as a musician. Her brother Daniel is also into music. 

She is an American YouTuber, a diverse Twitch streamer, and a Korean ethnic musician who often posts highlights of her live streams on her YouTube channel.

How Did LilyPichu Start Her Career?

LilyPichu created her Youtube channel on 5 March 2006, but she got popular in 2011, when her parody song “I’ll Quit LoL“, went viral on Youtube. In 2017, another video went viral called “playing the melodica while following random cosplayers”. The same year she joined the online social entertainment group “OfflineTv”. 

LilyPichu At the beginning of her YouTube channel mainly parodied content around music and other songs. During this time, Lily also produced animations similar to those of other animated channels, such as TheOdd1sOut.

In 2016, he underwent jaw surgery. Her YouTube channel is full of creative and engaging content. In these animations, Lily talks about her life and various other things. 

In 2018, LilyPichu along with other OfflineTV members were featured on Riot Games YouTube Ads. She also appeared in the advertisement for 5 Gum. 

On August 12, 2021, she appeared in the music video for Sub Urban, and Bella Poarch’s song “INFERNO”. 

Some of her Songs and Releasing years

Ok On Your Own2021
Piano Coffee2021
Walking With You2020
A Vision2020
Writing Memories2020
Comfy Vibes2020

LilyPichu’s Personal Life

LilyPichu was dating Albert Chang also known as “Sleetly Musical”. In November 2019, the couple broke up. She is currently dating  Michael Reeves

A group of six fellow streamers and content creators who share a house in Beverly Hills. The couple made music together and have huge followers on their social media pages

How Does Lilypichu Make Money?

Below mentioned are the sources where Lilypichu made $1.5 Million:

  • Earnings from YouTube
  • Earnings from Twitch Streaming
  • Earnings from Sponsorships
  • Earnings from Instagram
  • Paid Ads

LilyPichu Social Media Accounts

Lilypichu Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameLily Ki
Famous AsLilyPichu 
Birth DateNovember 20, 1991
Age 30 years old
Height1.6 m
Weight55 kg
EthnicityKorean & American
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendMichael Reeves
Net Worth/ Income/ Salary$1.5 Million
ProfessionTwitch Streamer, YouTuber, Musician

Interesting facts about LilyPichu

  • In 2017, Lily officially joined offline TV, which includes other Internet personalities such as Pokimane and Scarra. 
  • While on offline TV, Lily started dating Albert Chang, also known online as Sleetley Musical, who was a member of the group. 
  • However, in November 2019, Chang and Lily split up after Chang cheated on Lily. After the break, Chang left the TV offline.
  • A month after the split, American YouTuber Michael Reeves officially joined offline TV. 
  • The two will begin to develop their relationship at various points in the stream, including attending the world premiere of Bad Boys for Life in February 2020. 
  • In Twitch, Lily mainly streams various games and chat content. 
  • Lily is a member of Offline TV, along with seven other content creators. 
  • She was originally from New Jersey but later moved to an offline TV house in Los Angeles, California.

3 Success Lessons From LilyPichu

  • Accept yourself for the way you are.
  • Physical appearance doesn’t define a person’s talent.
  • Becoming a millionaire at such a young age is a talent, and keeping the personality is astounding.


LilyPichu is an American Twitcher, YouTuber, and famous musician. She is well known for her songs and the content she uploads on her YouTube channel. 

LilyPichu currently lives in the United States. According to the latest reports, her current net worth is approximately $1.5 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently asked questions about LilyPichu, such as age, weight, height, biography, etc…

How old is LilyPichu 

Lilypichu is 30 years old as she celebrates her birthday on November 20, 1991.

How much does LilyPichu earn in a month?

LilyPichu’s average income as a Twitch Streamer and YouTuber is $150000.

Is LilyPichu married?

Not as of yet. LilyPichu is in a relationship with Michael Reeves. 

What is LilyPichu’s net worth?

Lilypichu’s net worth as an American Twitch streamer is $1.5 Million.

How Much Money Does LilyPichu Make From Twitch Streaming?

The estimated amount of money Lilypichu earns from Twitch is around $21,400 per month.

How Much Money Does LilyPichu Make From YouTube?

The estimated amount of money Lilypichu earns from YouTube is around $500 per day ($180,000 a year). 

(Please Note: This is not the exact net worth of LilyPichu. It is the estimated value picked from various high-ranking online sites)

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