Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

How much is Harvey Weinstein Net Worth?

Net Worth$25 Million
Born March 19. 1952
Age69 Years
BirthplaceNew York City, USA
Source of WealthFilm Director, Producer
Last Updated2021

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth is $25 Million as per the latest update…

(This is not the exact net worth. But approximately close to it or even more)


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Harvey Weinstein is a former American film producer, director, and convicted sex offender. He is a co-founder of the entertainment company Miramax.

He is also a founder of the mini-major film studio The Weinstein Company with his brother.

Weinstein has produced many successful films like The Crying Game, Flirting with Disaster, Shakespeare in Love, and more…!

He was accused of sex abuse allegations and more than 80 women in the industry have put allegations against him. The #MeToo social media campaign got spread with this news. 

He was found guilty and sentenced to 23 years in prison. 

Early Life

Harvey Weinstein was born in Queens, New York, on March 19, 1952. To his father Max Weinstein, a diamond cutter, and mother Miriam. He is from a Jewish family. 

Weinstein grew up with his brother Bob and was raised in a housing co-op, in New York City. He attended John Bowne High School. He further graduated from the State University of New York, Buffalo.

During the 1970s he and his brother produced rock concerts in the name Harvey and Corky Productions in Buffalo. They brought the top artist and teams in the city like The Rolling Stone, Jackson Browne, Frank Sinatra, and The Who.


Harvey and his brother Bob established Miramax Film, which was named after their parents Mariam and Max), in 1979. They made this happen by using the profit from the concert business.

In the early days, Miramax Film Corp. purchased the rights to small independent films and dispensed them. They got their first success in the 1980s, after releasing the movie ‘The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball’. Which was their first successful endeavor.

In 1989, they got huge success. When Weinstein company released the film ‘Sex, Lies, and Videotape’. That was the most successful movie of theirs. His company also became the most triumphant independent studios in America.

In 2017, he got stuck in many problems, as many women complained about Weinstein’s sexual misconduct. The next year he was arrested. In 2020, he was convicted and sentenced to 23 years behind the bar.

Harvey Weinstein’s major source of earning is from film production.

Harvey Weinstein Social Profile

Harvey Weinstein Famous Quotes

“The secret of making movies is having the strongest possible script.”

Harvey Weinstein

“People want to see big, escapist fare. They don’t want to be challenged to think.”

Harvey Weinstein

“People love a true story and especially a true story where two people from opposite worlds come together.”

Harvey Weinstein

“I always find that when I do something that I like, from my heart, then it works.”

Harvey Weinstein

Success Lessons From Harvey Weinstein

Follow Your Passion

You should follow your passion. Do what you are passionate about in your life. You don’t have time to waste on silly things.

Don’t wait for approval

You should never wait for anyone’s approval for any work. You have to find your path to achieve your goal. Don’t sit and wait for something good to happen. Take your step and do it yourself.

Take Risk

There is no profit without taking a risk. You should know how to take risks to grow ahead in life.

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Harvey Weinstein is one of the most influential film producers of our time. He has produced many successful films.

But due to his crime, his legacy got a huge decline.

But there is always something to learn and you can take away some inspiring lessons from his success.

Also as per the recent updates, Harvey Weinstein Net Worth is $25 Million…!


P.S: I wrote this article with a clear intention to have an impact on your life, Specially for those who are interested in film lines and entrepreneurs. To change yourself and have a successful life.

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