Gucci Mane Net Worth

What is Gucci Mane’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$12 Million
BornFebruary 12 1980
Birth Place Bessemer, Alabama, U.S
Source of WealthRapper, Songwriter
Last Updated2020

Gucci Mane is an American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is well known for bringing the trap music genre to the mainstream audience with Young Jeezy and T.I.

He is the founder of 1017 records. He has worked with industry-leading artists like Marilyn Manson, Drake, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez, Lil Wayne, and Mariah Carey. 

He has also been called an “Avatar of East Atlanta”. He has also been one of the most influential underground rappers. 

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Early Life

Gucci Mane’s real name is Radric Delantic Davis. He was born on February 12, 1980, in Bessemer, Alabama, U.S. His father Ralph Everett Dudley was a power plant worker and a former U.S serviceman. His mother Vicky Jean Davis is a social worker and a teacher.

His grandfather was in the military and served in World War II as a chef.

In his childhood, his grandmother took care of him, where his mother was completing her college degree. Her mother taught him how to read and write as she was a school teacher. 

Mane elementary school was Jonesboro Elementary, from where he did his further studies also. 

When he was just six years old his brother introduced him to hip hop. Where they attended a concert by Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, and Run DMC

He has seen every up and down in his childhood. At the age of 9, because of the family problem, he moved with his mother to Atlanta with someone she met in the church. They were kicked out of the house and didn’t have any stable place to shelter. The place where they used to live was known for criminal activities.

Later they moved to East Atlanta. Where Davis joined Cedar Grove Elementary School. He was good in studies and athlete. Though he did not participate in any sports. He was engaged in selling cannabis. He was just in 8th grade at that time. And he started making some money as a drug dealer.

He started his career as a drug dealer. He was good at studies and never took drugs until she met her crush and started taking cannabis with her. They were in a relationship of friends with benefits.

He graduated from Mcnair High School. And he also got caught for selling drugs. By police and sentenced to 90 days of jail.

At his early age of 14, he was interested in writing poetry and rapping. After his first arrest, he took his music seriously and launched La Flare on Str8 Drop Records


He got inspired by Master P and decided to launch his Music label. He started managing Lil Buddy in 2001. He then met with producer Zaytoven and made his label.

He went to New York in search of a distribution deal but got nothing in hand. He returned home and met Big Cat. There he headed the Big Cat record

With collaboration with his local rapper So Icy and Young Jeezy. He released the song “Black Tee” in response to the hit record “White Tee”. He continued to work locally until he released his debut album.

From 2005 to 2006, He released his own debut album Trap House. It brought huge success to him as an independent artist. They also released Hard to Kill in the year 2006.

He then didn’t stop and continued to produce his new album back to back year after year. During his success, he also launched his clothing brand “Delantic Clothing”. Where he also pursued an acting career and released his autobiography.

Over the years he has worked with many leading artists. Gucci has released more than 12 studio albums and many number of mixtapes. 

Gucci Mane Career Highlights

  • Trap House (2005)
  • Hard to Kill (2006)
  • Back to the Trap House (2007)
  • Trap-A-Thon (2007)
  • The State vs Radric Davis (2009)
  • Murder Was the Case (2009)
  • The Return of Mr. Zone 6 (2011)
  • The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted (2010)
  • The Return of East Atlanta Santa (2016)
  • Everybody Looking (2016)
  • El Gato: The Human Glacier (2017)
  • Mr. Davis (2017)
  • East Atlanta Santa(2019)
  • So Icy Summer(2019)
  • So Icy Gang Volume.1(2019)

Gucci Mane Personal Life

Gucci got married to Keyshia Ka’oir on October 17, 2017, in Miami. He proposed to her after performing at an Atlanta Hawks Basketball Game. 

Gucci Mane social Profile

Gucci Mane Famous Quotes

“Never Drop your head and never feel like you are counted out.”

Gucci Mane

“Girls are like buses, when you miss one another will come.”

Gucci Mane

“The way you dress up outside. It represents your soul.”

Gucci Mane

“When your hard work starts getting recognized, it makes you work even harder.”

Gucci Mane

“You might see my face ugly but my cars are really pretty.”

Gucci Mane

4 Impactful Lesson to Learn from Gucci Mane

Increase Your Skill Set

You can help yourself by finding your skill and nurturing it. The best way to grow in life is to increase your skills. It will help you in any phase of your life.

Surround Yourself with Greatness

The environment is stronger than will power. It is easy to change your life for growth. When you are surrounded with growth mindset people. 

Don’t focus on things you can’t do, focus on things you can do

There is always something in life that you can do. There will be a time when you will feel like giving up and things will not be in your control. But that’s the time when you have to get stronger and focus on things over which you can have control. In which you can focus on.

Take 100% Responsibility for your own mistake

Never play a blame game, always play a transformation game. Learn how to accept your mistake and learn from it. Write your script of life and follow your dream. That is only possible when you will take responsibility for who you are because of yourself.


Now that you know everything about Gucci Mane. It’s time for you to take action in your life and do what you want to do. Gucci has had a very hard time but he never gave up.

He focused on the things in which he can and not on the things in which he doesn’t have any command. Today Gucci Mane is one of the most influential rappers in the world. 

If you have read till here it means you follow this guy. It might be because you love music or you have got inspired by him. Whatever may be the reason. Takeaway the positive points from him and begin your life.

As per the latest update, Gucci Mane Worth is $12 Million…!


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