Eric Weinstein Net Worth: Bio, Age, Wiki, Wife, Earnings (Updated 2022)

How Much is Eric Weinstein’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$10 Million
BornOctober 26, 1965
Age55 Years
BirthplaceUnited State of America
Source of WealthManaging Director of Peter Thiel Capital
Last Updated2022

Eric Weinstein is an American venture capitalist, commentator, managing director, mathematician, economist, and podcaster. As of 2022, he has a handsome net worth of $10 million.

He is best known as the “Managing Director of Thiel Capital”. 

It is an investment firm founded by Peter Thiel, on October 31. 2011. Which has over $2 Billion management capital. 

He is also known as the founder of “Intellectual Dark Web”, which is an informal group of commentators. Who oppose certain topics like political correctness, cancel culture, and identity politics.


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How Was Eric Weinstein’s Early Life & Education?

Eric Weinstein’s real name is Eric Ross Weinstein. He was born on October 26, 1965, in Los Angeles California. He is of Jewish descent. He has a brother Bret Weinstein, who is a revolutionary biologist.

He attended the University of Pennsylvania for a B.A. In 1992, he joined Harvard University and received a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics. Under the mentorship of  Raoul Bott.

He was one of the brilliant students, in academia as well as in research work.

Before Harvard, he also attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Massachusetts Institute of Technology as academia. 

How Did Eric Weinstein Start His Career ?

Eric Weinstein started his career as an economist at NETeconomics, though he is a great mathematician.

Then he entered the field of physics. And In 2013 he published a theory called “Potential Unified Theory of Physics”. He was invited by mathematician  Marcus du Sautoy to describe his theory. But many physicists disagreed about the theory. 

His theory has the prediction of 150 novel subatomic particles, including dark matter and observers.

Eric came to the limelight when he said he coined the term “Intellectual Dark Web”. It’s an informal group of people talking and opposing several topics in society. He initiated this after Evergreen State College fired his brother.

In 2015, Eric joined Peter Thiel’s investment firm “Thiel Capital” as a Managing Director. 

Apart from his serious work profile. He also runs a podcast “The Portal”. Which gave him quick recognition with a large audience.

He also manages a youtube channel under his name. His channel has more than 260K subscribers and it’s still growing. He created his channel on 12 May 2009.

His IDW was mentioned in Leonard Payne’s book A Glitch in the Matrix: Jordan Peterson and the Intellectual Dark Web”. 

How Does Eric Weinstein Make Money?

These are major sources of income that have helped him accumulate a Net Worth of $10 million.

  • Venture Capitalist
  • Cultural Commentator
  • Economist 
  • Physicist
  • Mathematician
  • MD at “Thiel Capital”
  • Podcast “The Portal”
  • Youtube Channel

Eric Weinstein Social Media Profile

Eric Weinstein Famous Quotes

“Individuals in very small groups are about the only thing that is free of the disease of the embedded growth obligation.”

Eric Weinstein

“An embedded growth obligation is how fast a structure has to grow to maintain its honest positions.”

Eric Weinstein

“Love is so important”.

Eric Weinstein

4 Success Lessons From Eric Weinstein

  • Do things Differently
  • Keep Learning
  • Quality Control
  • Be a High Standard Individual

Do Things Differently

There are thousands of people doing the same things. So you have to be creative and approach new ways to do your work. Do things differently and do some innovation.

Keep Learning

One should be a lifelong learner. As knowledge has ultimate power and it brings wisdom.

Quality Control

Have quality in your work, eventually, you will see excellence in your work.

Be a High Standard Individual

Whatever field it may be. You have to be the updated version of yourself. Always strive for the best and be the authority of your work.


Eric Weinstein is a popular personality. Who has earned majors in the various spectrum such as economics, mathematics, and physics? 

Now he is the Managing Director of “Thiel Capital”. 

There are so many things to take away from him. And I hope you have grabbed some success lessons from him.

Also as per the recent updates, Eric’s Net Worth is $10 Million…!


Here are a few of the questions that are frequently asked about Eric.

Why is Eric Weinstein Famous?

Eric Weinstein is famous as he is the MD of Peter Thiel Capital.

How Much is Eric Weinstein Worth?

Eric Weinstein worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Who is Eric Weinstein’s Wife?

Is Eric Weinstein’s theory Correct?

Who Coined the term Intellectual Dark Web?

What is Geometric Unity?

Who is Eric Weinstein’s Brother?

Who is Eric Weinstein’s Son?

Who Is Eric Weinstein And What Does He Do?

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