Doctor Mike Net Worth 2022: Bio, Age, Wiki, Girlfriend, Youtuber, Income (Updated)

What Is Doctor Mike’s Net Worth? (Latest report)

Net Worth$10 million
Date of BirthNovember 12, 1989
Age32 years old
Birth PlaceSaransk, Russia
Source of WealthYouTuber, Doctor
Last Updated2022

Doctor Mike is a famous Russian doctor, YouTuber, and internet personality. As of 2022, he has amassed an astounding net worth of $10 million

At the time of the pandemic, he became famous through his social media and went viral when he was featured in BuzzFeed and People magazine’s The Sexiest Doctor Alive edition in 2015. 

He has a YouTube channel dedicated to medical-related entertainment and knowledge. Mike uses his social networks to give health information to millennials. 


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Doctor Mike’s Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameMikhail Varshavski
Famous AsDoctor Mike
Birth DateNovember 12, 1989
Age 32 years old
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight176 lbs (79 kg)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth/ Income/ Salary$10 Million
ProfessionDoctor, YouTuber

How Was Doctor Mike’s Early Life And Education?

Doctor Mike’s real name is Mikhail Varshavski. He was born on November 12, 1989, in Saransk, Russia to a Jewish family. His father is both Jewish and Ukrainian.

He was a croaker and a graduate of the Third Medical Institute in Moscow, while his mother was a professor of mathematics.

When he was six years old, he and his family moved to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, his mother worked sweeping floors for a pittance while his father attended medical school on the side.

After seeing his father’s relationship with his patients, he wanted to be a doctor. He began his studies at the New York Institute of Technology.

He was accepted for an accelerated seven-time combined degree to earn a bachelor’s degree in life and a medical degree (Croaker of Osteopathic Medicine) upon completion of the undergraduate program. 

In 2014, he began his occupancy in the family drug program at Atlantic Health System Overlook Medical Center, completing it in 2017. 

How Did Doctor Mike Start His Career?

In early 2012, Varshavski joined Instagram to validate his life as a medical student and combat the notion that “you cannot have a life in a medical academy.” 

In November, People magazine named him “Sexiest Doctor Alive” in its Sexiest Man Alive issue, depleting his Instagram account. 

In 2018, after his occupancy, he joined Chatham Family Medicine, a family practice with Atlantic Health System in Chatham, New Jersey. 

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Varshavski reconfigured YouTube videos of himself to answer people’s questions about the contagion. He currently has around 10.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Varshavski debunked numerous of Judy Mikovits’ false claims about COVID-19 from the conspiracy film Plandemic. In March 2020, Varshavski interviewed Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Conditions (NIAID), about the pandemic. 

Varshavski made his professional boxing debut against fellow influencer iDubbbz in May 2022 as the main event of the Creator Clash boxing event. He won his match with iDubbbz by a unanimous decision.

He primarily makes reaction videos that are instructive and occasionally a reaction to real or misleading medical claims.

Doctor Mike’s Personal Life

During his high school days, musketeers who came to him for sports-related injuries, knowing that Varshavski’s father was a croaker, gave him the surname “Doctor Mike.”

There were rumors about Doctor Mike that he was dating Betsy Alvarez, but he is currently single as per recent updates.

How Does Doctor Mike Make Money?

Below mentioned are the sources through which Doctor Mike made $10 million:

  • Earnings from YouTube
  • Earnings as a Doctor
  • Earnings from Sponsorships

What is Doctor Mike’s Salary?

Doctor Mike’s average salary as a YouTuber and Doctor is $20000.

Doctor Mike Social Media Accounts

Doctor Mike’s Famous Quotes

“I am overworked sometimes. I’m tired sometimes. I’m sleepy sometimes. And social media allows me to show you that I’m human, too.”

Doctor Mike

“The public has this misconception that vaping is a safe alternative when compared to cigarettes.”

Doctor Mike

Major Career Highlights

  • In late 2015, Varshavski established a foundation, measureless hereafter, to award literacy to scholars and has raised plutocrats for it by auctioning guests through his social media accounts. 
  • In 2017, a year after launching his YouTube channel, Varshavski gave a TEDx talk on “The ‘I Know It All’ Expert Epidemic” at a TEDx Monte Carlo event.
  • The videotape of that speech has been viewed nearly 2 million times.
  • In June 2022, he bestowed $100,111 to Feeding America through a fundraiser hosted by YouTuber Ryan Trahan.
  • Varshavski won the 2020 Webby Awards for Education and Discovery as well as Health and Fitness in the Social Order. 
  • In July 2019, Varshavski spread mindfulness for the philanthropic association Save a Child’s Heart by posting a print with the association’s 5000th case during a trip to Israel. 
  • In March 2020, he bestowed $50,000 worth of N95 masks in the face of a deficit in the medical labor force due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • At the end of March 2022, he established a donation to GlobalGiving for the Ukrainian people during the Russian irruption of Ukraine.

3 Success Lessons From Doctor Mike

  • The 30s is not a big age to start a new career.
  • Following your passion and achieving it should be your ultimate goal.
  • Life is short so live it happily and kindly.


Doctor Mike is a well-known Russian-American doctor, Youtuber, and social media personality. Mike is extremely popular on YouTube and Instagram due to his persuasive abilities and medical advice.

I hope Doctor Mike’s success story inspires you to work hard to achieve your goals. As per the latest update, the net worth of Doctor Mike is $10 million.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Doctor Mike, such as age, weight, height, biography, etc…

How Old Is Doctor Mike?

Doctor Mike is 32 years old as he was born on November 12, 1989.

How Much Does Doctor Mike Earn?

Doctor Mike’s average salary as a YouTuber and doctor is $20,000.

Is Doctor Mike Married?

No, Doctor Mike is not married, according to the latest reports. He is currently single.

What Is Doctor Mike’s Net Worth?

Doctor Mike’s net worth is $10 million.  

How Much Money Does Doctor Mike Make From YouTube?

The estimated amount of money Doctor Mike makes from Youtube is around $20,000 per day ($7.3 million a year).

(Please note: This is not the exact net worth of Doctor Mike. The information is collected from various sources available across the web).

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