Calvin Klein Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Wife, Richest Designer (Updated 2022)

What is Calvin Klein Net Worth?

Net Worth$750 Million
BornNovember 19, 1952
Country of OriginNew York City, USA
Source of WealthyFashion Designer
Lasted Update2022

Calvin Klein is an American fashion designer and businessman. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of $750 million.

He is the founder of the famous clothing brand Calvin Klein Inc. He has expanded into other product lines including perfumes, Jewellery, and watches.

He has established his company in 1968, the company specializes in leather, read to wear, lifestyle accessories, watch and home furnishing, etc.

He has founded this company with his childhood friend Barry K. Schwartz.


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How Was Calvin Klein’s Early Life & Education?

Calvin Klein’s real name is Calvin Richard Klein. He was born in New York City, New York, USA, on November 19, 1942. He was born to Flore and Leo Klein, a Jewish family in the Bronx. 

He attended Isobey Rooney Middle School 80. He also attended the high school of arts and design, in Manhattan but never graduated from it.

He attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and received an honorary doctorate in 2003. 

He also worked with his mother in a grocery store.

He is one of the leading designers raised in the Jewish community in the Bronx, along with Ralph Lauren and Robert Denning.

How Did Calvin Klein Start His Career?

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 1962, he started doing his apprenticeship with an old-line cloak and suit manufacturer company “Dan Millstein”. 

For the next five years, he has worked as a designer at New York City shops.

With his passion for fashion and designing, he took an entrepreneurial step. And in 1968, he launched his first company with his childhood friend Barry K. Schwartz.

Before launching his company he got immediate recognition after his first show at New York Fashion Week.

He launched his company’s first coat shop in York Hotel, New York City, with $10000. Their first collection was targeted to youth “understated coast and dresses.

The following year they appeared on the cover of  Vogue Magazine.

In 1971, the company expanded its product line with a classic blazer, sportswear, and lingerie for women.

Further, they have diversified the product line and become one of the famous fashion brands worldwide.

Calvin Klein’s major source of income is from his brand “Calvin Klein”.

How Does Calvin Klein Spend His Money?

He is one of the richest fashion designers in the world. He owns a famous fashion brand.

He purchased an oceanfront estate in Southampton, New York, in 2003. He rebuilt his property into a glass and concrete mansion at the cost of $75 million. 

In 2015, he bought a mansion in Los Angeles for $25 million.

Calvin Klein Personal Life

Calvin Klein married Jayne Centre, a textile fashion designer in 1964. They both have a daughter Marci Klein, who is a television producer. They got divorced in 1974.

In 1986, he got married to his assistant, Kelly Rector. Later after 20 years of marriage, they got divorced in April 2006.

Calvin Klein Company Social Profile

Calvin Klein Famous Quotes

“Success is how you feel about what you’re doing. You have to please yourself and trust your instincts. You can’t go by what other people think.”

Calvin Klein

“I don’t dwell on success. Maybe that’s one reason I’m successful.”

Calvin Klein

“I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”

Calvin Klein

“In the initial days of my business, I hardly went home. I became very focused about work and my career.”

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Success Story

4 Success Lessons From Calvin Klein

Find Your Passion

It’s your passion that will have the driving force in you to succeed. If you don’t know yours then hustle until you find yours. At a very early age, Calvin knew what he wanted to do.

Believe in Yourself

There is no way around it other than believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself and your work. No one will believe in you.

Feel Your Work

Dive deep into your work. Just feel it and you will see the magic.

Be Consistent

Doesn’t matter how skilled you are, everything is shattered when you are not consistent with your work. Stay focused and be consistent in whatever you are doing.


Calvin Klein is one of the richest designers in the world. He owns the most popular fashion brand with millions of turnover.

I hope you have found some inspiring messages from the Calvin Klein Success Story. And if you are interested in fashion or designing I believe you will implement some of the success lessons.

Also as per the recent updates, Calvin Richard Klein Net Worth is $750 Million…!

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Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the frequently asked question about Calvin Klein, such as age, height, wiki, partner, bio, and more…

What is Calvin Klein Age?

Calvin Klein is 79 years old. He was born on November 19, 1952.

Is Calvin Klein Married?

Calvin Klein was married to Kelly Rector, they got divorced in April 2006.

Who Is The Founder of Calvin Klein?

The fashion designer Calvin Klein is the founder of brand Calvin Klein.

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