10 best heather graham books 2024 (Updated)

Which are the best books by Heather Graham?

Heather Graham Pozzessere is an American best-selling author who predominantly writes romance novels. She also writes under the pen name Shannon Drake and her maiden name, Heather Graham. 

She has authored over 150 books and novels, which have been published in over 25 languages and have sold over 75 million copies. 

Her books span the romance genre, from historical fiction to category, romantic suspense to time travel, and vampire fiction to Christmas stories. 

She has been the launch author for Dell’s Ecstasy Supreme line, Silhouette’s Shadows line, and Harlequin’s Mira Books mainstream brand.

Some of Graham’s popular series include the Krewe of Hunters series, which combines romance and suspense with a paranormal twist, and the Cameron Saga, a historical romance series set in medieval Scotland. 

List of Top 10 best heather graham books

I have made a list of the top 10 books by Heather Graham that will help you in picking your favorite. Keep reading..!

1. Phantom Evil (2011)

In “Phantom Evil,” paranormal romance and suspense collide as Heather Graham introduces readers to the Krewe of Hunters series. 

The story follows Jackson Crow, a former FBI agent who now leads a special unit within the FBI known as the Krewe of Hunters. The Krewe consists of agents with unique paranormal abilities who are tasked with solving supernatural crimes. 

When a series of murders with a chilling connection to the past strikes a small town in Virginia, Jackson and his team are called in to investigate. As they delve into the case, they discover a dark force at work, seemingly driven by an insidious, centuries-old evil.

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 2. Heart of Evil (2012)

Heart of Evil” takes readers on another thrilling paranormal investigation with the Krewe of Hunters. This time, the story unfolds in the enchanting city of New Orleans. 

Joining forces with the local police department, Jackson Crow and his team are faced with a baffling case involving a serial killer who draws inspiration from the city’s dark voodoo culture. 

The murders are eerily reminiscent of the infamous Axeman of New Orleans, a real-life serial killer from the past. As the body count rises, Krewe delves deep into the city’s haunted history, seeking clues and connections to bring the killer to justice. 

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3. Sacred Evil (2012)

Sacred Evil” takes readers to San Antonio, Texas, where the Krewe of Hunters is faced with a haunting case that intertwines with the city’s ancient legends. 

When young women are found murdered and marked with strange symbols, the team must uncover the truth behind the killings. They soon discover a connection to a legendary curse dating back to the Alamo and the battle that took place there. 

Amid the tension of the investigation, FBI agent Orlando Valdez finds himself drawn to Jenna Duffy, a local woman with her own psychic gifts. 

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4. The Evil Inside (2013)

The Evil Inside” continues the gripping saga of the Krewe of Hunters as they travel to Charleston, South Carolina, to investigate a series of brutal murders. 

Special Agent Jessy Sparhawk, a member of the Krewe, finds herself at the center of the case as the killer begins to target her.

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5. Nightwalker (2008)

In “Nightwalker,” Heather Graham weaves an enthralling tale of suspense, romance, and the supernatural. The novel takes place in New Orleans, a city known for its mysticism and rich history. 

A series of brutal murders with a vampire-like signature has struck fear into the hearts of the residents. Faced with the challenge of catching the sadistic killer, Detective Jake Bannaconni seeks the help of a renowned vampire expert, artist, and author, Genevieve O’Brien.

Genevieve possesses a unique insight into the world of vampires, having researched and written extensively on the subject. As they delve into the investigation, Jake finds himself captivated by Genevieve’s beauty, intellect, and enigmatic past. 

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6. Deadly Night (2010)

Set in Salem, Massachusetts, “Deadly Night” plunges readers into a haunting tale that intertwines the present with the notorious history of the Salem witch trials. 

Jenna Duffy, a graphic artist and descendant of one of the accused witches, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation that bears eerie similarities to the witch trials.

Jenna becomes part of the Krewe of Hunters, a group of paranormal investigators within the FBI, who are summoned to Salem to solve a series of baffling killings. 

As she teams up with the enigmatic PI Adam Harrison, a charismatic member of the Krewe, they navigate the treacherous streets of the historic city, haunted by both its past and present.

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7. The Unseen (2013)

The Unseen” takes readers to a remote lighthouse on a small island off the coast of Florida. 

The story follows paranormal investigator Adam Harrison and a skeptical detective, Jennifer McKinney, as they join forces to solve a murder case that involves a haunting presence in the lighthouse. 

As Adam and Jennifer delve deeper into the mystery, they discover a century-old secret and a malevolent force that will stop at nothing to protect it. With the clock ticking, they must unravel the island’s dark history and confront the unseen entity before it claims more lives. 

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8. The Island (2013)

In “The Island,” Heather Graham takes readers on a thrilling journey to a remote and enigmatic island in the Caribbean. When Megan Shepherd’s sister disappears while vacationing on the island, Megan becomes determined to find her. 

However, upon arriving, she realizes that the island holds a dark secret and is inhabited by individuals with their own hidden agendas. Megan finds herself trapped on the island, and her only hope for survival lies in teaming up with a charismatic stranger, Nate Fury. 

As they navigate the treacherous island landscape and uncover its mysteries, Megan and Nate must outwit dangerous adversaries, decipher cryptic clues, and confront the island’s deadly secret. 

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9. Haunted (2003)

Haunted” is the second book in the Harrison Investigation series by Heather Graham. In this thrilling romantic suspense novel, we are introduced to Matt Stone, a private investigator who specializes in the paranormal, and Leslie Faraday, a successful romance author. 

Leslie’s life takes a terrifying turn when she becomes the target of a relentless stalker. Fearing for her safety, she seeks out Matt’s expertise to help her uncover the identity of her tormentor.

As Matt and Leslie delve deeper into the investigation, they find themselves drawn to each other in unexpected ways. Their shared passion for uncovering the truth intensifies their connection, leading to a blossoming romance amidst the dangers that surround them. 

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10. The Killing Edge (2012)

The Killing Edge” by Heather Graham is a gripping romantic suspense novel that weaves together themes of danger, intuition, and love. 

The story centers around Hannah O’Brien, a successful suspense novelist who possesses a psychic ability called psychometry, enabling her to sense the history and emotions attached to objects she touches.

When Hannah relocates to a remote and idyllic town in Florida called Key West, she hopes to find inspiration for her next novel. However, her peaceful retreat is shattered when she becomes the target of a stalker who seems to know too much about her. 

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What genres does Heather Graham typically write in?

Heather Graham primarily writes in the romance, suspense, and paranormal genres.

How many books has Heather Graham written?

Heather Graham has written over 200 novels and novellas. 

Are Heather Graham’s books connected in a series?

Yes, Heather Graham has written several series that feature recurring characters or interconnected storylines. 

Does Heather Graham write under any pen names?

Yes, Heather Graham has also written under the pen names Shannon Drake and Heather Graham Pozzessere.


Heather Graham is a highly regarded author known for her romance, suspense, and paranormal novels. 

With a writing career spanning several decades and over 200 books to her name, she has captivated readers with her engaging characters, intricate plots, and a seamless blend of romance and suspense.

Graham’s books encompass various genres, including contemporary and historical romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance. 

She has created popular series such as the Krewe of Hunters series and the Harrison Investigation series, where recurring characters and interconnected storylines provide an immersive reading experience.


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