10 Best Bentley Little Books 2024 (Updated)

Which are the best books by Bentley Little?

Bentley Little is an American author known for his works in the horror fiction genre. Born on June 5, 1960, Little has gained a reputation for crafting unsettling and disturbing tales that often explore the horrors that can lurk within seemingly ordinary settings. 

His stories blend elements of horror, satire, and social commentary, often focusing on the vulnerability of individuals confronted with bizarre and terrifying situations.

Little has a knack for delving into the psychological aspects of fear and exploring the hidden fears and anxieties that lie beneath the surface of everyday life.

Little’s works have garnered a dedicated fan base who appreciate his ability to create unsettling atmospheres and deliver shocking twists. 

He continues to captivate readers with his unique brand of horror that taps into our deepest fears and explores the dark corners of the human psyche.

List of Top 10 Books by Best Bentley 

I have made a list of the top 10 books by Bentley Little that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats. Keep reading..!

1. The Store (1998)

The Store” is a chilling novel that introduces readers to a small town consumed by the influence of a new department store. 

When The Store opens its doors, it promises convenience, variety, and unbeatable prices. However, it soon becomes apparent that there is something deeply sinister about this establishment. 

As the townspeople become more engrossed in their shopping experiences, they begin to lose their individuality and succumb to The Store’s control.

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2. The Association (2001)

In “The Association,” Little takes readers into the seemingly idyllic world of a gated community called Country Club Estates. When the Adams family moves into this exclusive neighborhood, they expect nothing but perfection. 

However, they soon discover that the homeowners’ association governing the community is not what it appears to be. The association’s rules become increasingly oppressive and controlling, enforcing strict conformity and punishing those who dare to defy them. 

As the Adams family delves deeper, they uncover a dark underbelly of the association’s secrets and its connection to supernatural forces. 

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3. The Policy (1997)

In “The Policy,” Little takes readers into the world of the insurance industry, where an ambitious insurance agent named Jeffrey Strand encounters a unique and dangerous policy. 

This new policy, offered by a mysterious insurance company, promises to fulfill the wildest dreams of its beneficiaries. However, the dreams come at a high price, and Jeffrey soon finds himself trapped in a nightmarish scheme. 

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4. The Resort (2016)

The Resort” takes readers on a twisted vacation to a luxurious resort known as The Fontaine. 

A couple, Mark and Julia DeLantern, believe they have found the perfect paradise to escape their troubles. However, their dream getaway quickly turns into a living nightmare as they realize that The Fontaine holds dark and horrifying secrets. 

The resort’s staff and management are not what they seem, and the guests are unwittingly caught in a macabre game of survival. 

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5. The Walking (2000)

In “The Walking,” Bentley Little takes readers on a harrowing journey into a world turned upside down. 

The dead rise from their graves, roaming the streets and instilling terror in the living. The novel follows a diverse cast of characters as they navigate this nightmarish reality, struggling to survive and find answers. 

Amidst the chaos, readers witness the characters’ fight for survival, their encounters with both human and undead threats, and the moral dilemmas they face along the way. 

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6. The House (2003)

The House” takes readers on a terrifying journey as a seemingly idyllic family home becomes a nightmarish battleground. A family moves into their dream house, only to discover a malevolent presence lurking within its walls. 

As the supernatural occurrences escalate, the family’s sense of security and sanity begin to crumble.

Little masterfully builds suspense, gradually exposing the dark secrets of the house and its malevolent influence.

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7. The Ignored (1997)

The Ignored” introduces readers to Bob Jones, a man who suddenly finds himself inexplicably ignored by everyone around him. 

Ignored by his family, friends, and society at large, Bob embarks on a chilling and isolating journey to uncover the truth behind his bizarre predicament.

As Bob’s desperate search for answers intensifies, he discovers a hidden world populated by others who have been similarly ignored. 

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8. The Summoning (2005)

The Summoning” plunges readers into the heart of a small desert town where a sinister force preys on the deepest desires of its residents. 

As the town is gripped by an escalating series of supernatural events, the residents’ dark secrets and hidden fantasies are brought to light.

Bentley Little explores the allure and dangers of temptation, as well as the consequences of unchecked desires. 

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9. The Haunted (2012)

The Haunted” takes readers on a gripping and spine-chilling journey as a couple’s dream of owning a historic mansion turns into a living nightmare. 

David and Laura are drawn to the allure of a beautiful Victorian house, unaware of the dark secrets it holds. As they settle into their new home, strange and unsettling occurrences begin to unfold.

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10. The Collection (2002)

The Collection” is a captivating anthology of Bentley Little’s short stories, offering a diverse range of horrifying and thought-provoking narratives. Each story showcases Little’s ability to craft unsettling tales that tap into our deepest fears and anxieties.

In this collection, readers are treated to a variety of chilling scenarios. From a man who becomes trapped in an otherworldly office building to a town plagued by a bizarre obsession with collections, the stories in “The Collection” offer a unique blend of horror, satire, and social commentary.

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Who is Bentley Little?

Bentley Little is an American author known for his works in the horror fiction genre. 

What are some common themes in Bentley Little’s books?

Bentley Little’s books often explore themes such as suburban horror.

What is Bentley Little’s writing style like?

Little’s writing style is characterized by its ability to evoke a sense of unease.

Which are some of Bentley Little’s most popular books?

Some of Bentley Little’s most popular books include “The Store,” “The Association,” “The Policy,” “The Walking,” and “The Haunted.”

Are Bentley Little’s books interconnected or part of a series?

Bentley Little’s books are typically standalone novels.


With a unique blend of horror, dark satire, and social commentary, Bentley Little captivates his readers with his unsettling and thought-provoking tales.

If you’re a fan of horror fiction and are seeking thought-provoking and unsettling tales, Bentley Little’s books may be worth exploring.


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