Ben Stiller Net Worth

How Much is Ben Stiller Net Worth?

Net Worth$200 Million
BornNovember 30, 1965
Origin Of CountryUnited States of America
Source of WealthyActor, Filmmaker, Producer, Writer
Last Updated2021

Ben Stiller Net Worth

Ben Stiller Net Worth is $200 Million as per the latest update…

(This is not the exact net worth. But approximately close to it or even more)


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Who is Ben Stiller?

Ben Stiller is an American professional actor, producer, comedian, writer, and director. He is best known for his comedy roles in films. 

He has worked in several successful films and is best known for movies, like “Meet The Parents”, “Zoolander”, “There is Something About Mary”, “Tropic Thunder” and many more…!

His films have generated more than $2.6 billion in the United State and Canada, with an average of $79 million per film. 

Till now he has received several awards and honors, including Emmy Awards, Britannia Awards, MTV Movie Awards, and many more…!

Early Life

Ben Stiller’s birth name is Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller. He was born in New York City, USA, on November 30, 1965. His father Jerry Stiller was a comedian and actor. And his mother Anne Meara too was an actress and a comedian.

Stiller grew up in the Upper West Side of New York. 

At the age of 6 years, he used to visit his father’s sets in shows like, “The Mike Douglas Show”.

His interest in filmmaking was seen at an early stage, where he had made a Super 8 film with his sister and friends.

He made his acting debut at the age of 9, in his mother’s TV series called Kate Mcshane. He was very active in his acting schedule, performing in various shows and films.

Stiller attended  The Cathedral School of St. John the Divine and later graduated from Calhoun School, New York City, in 1983. 

Then he enrolled as a film student at the University of California, Los Angeles. But he dropped out and focused on his acting career.


Stiller started working with “The Ben Stiller Show”. It was aired on MTV before being picked up by FOX for a quick run. The Ben Stiller Show became the source ground for the youth hip comics, with Andy Dick, Bob Odenkirk, and Janeane Garofalo.

He made a big-screen entry in David O. Russell’s comedy “The Cable Guy” and “Flirting With Disaster”.

He got worldwide recognition when he appeared in the gross-out comedy “There is Nothing About Mary” with Matt Dillion and Cameron Diaz. 

Then next year he co-authored the mock self-help book with GarofaloFeel This Book: An Essential Guide to Self-Empowerment, Spiritual Supremacy, and Sexual Satisfaction”.

He and Owen Wilson together updated the classic TV action-comedy “Starsky & Hutch” in 2004. Then he appeared in the romantic comedy “Along Came Polly” with Jennifer Aniston.

In 2006, he starred in “Night At the Museum”. This Neurotic humor and comedy have captured the young audience. It became a huge success worldwide, including the other sequels of the movies, like ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ and ‘Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian’.

Later he starred and directed “The Secrets Life of Walter Mitty” and “Tropic Thunder”. 

During this time, he appeared in ‘Tower Heist’ a comedy caper with Eddie Murphy. And then worked with  Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill for “The Watch”.

In 2016, The extraordinary funnyman appeared with one of his most famous roles in “Zoolander 2”. 

Ben Stiller’s major source of income is being an actor, producer, director, and investor.

Personal Life

During his time he dated several actresses, including Amanda Peet,  Jeanne Tripplehorn, and  Calista Flockhart.

Stiller got married to Christine Taylor in May 2000, in Kauai, Hawaii. They have appeared on screen together in several films. They together have 2 children. 

In 2017, after 17 years of marriage, they announced their separation. 

Ben Stiller Career Highlights

Here are some of the career highlights of Stiller.

  • Movie – 2011 – Zoolander 
  • Movie – 2004 – Meet the Fockers 
  • Movie – 2004 – Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  • Movie – 2006 – Night at the Museum 
  • Emmy Awards
  • 2009 – MTV Generation Award – Won

Ben Stiller Social Profile 

Ben Stiller Top 10 Hilarious Movie Moments

Ben Stiller Famous Quotes

“Success doesn’t necessarily mean happiness.”

Ben Stiller

“I’d love to travel more. I look forward to traveling with my kids. I’m just waiting for them to want to travel with me.”

Ben Stiller

“I enjoy the work I do in comedies. It’s a valid test of your creative abilities.”

Ben Stiller

“There’s an old saying in Hollywood: It’s not the length of your film, it’s how you use it.”

Ben Stiller

Success Lessons From Ben Stiller

  • Focus on Real-World not on Fancy Things
  • Give your Best


Ben Stiller is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. He has an amazing sense of humor when it comes to comedy. His films are full of laughter and entertainment.

I hope you have got inspired by his success story and the way he appears in the films. You can take away some success lessons and implement them into your life.

Also according to the current updates, Ben Stiller Net Worth is $200 Million…!

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