Zach Wilson’s Ex-Girlfriend Comes Clean About “Sleeping With His Mom’s Best Friend”

People were swarming Gile, accusing her of “homie hopping”

Zach Wilson is gearing up for a strong sophomore season with the Jets, but his ex, Abbey Gile, appears to have exposed him for sleeping with his mom’s best friend during the offseason.

Wilson was the second overall pick in last year’s NFL draft, and his performance this year is expected to be stellar. The Jets released third-round pick Sam Darnold in the hopes that Wilson could be their new franchise star.

He didn’t have the best rookie season, but that was the case for most rookie quarterbacks last year.

Despite being the second and final quarterbacks selected in the draft, Mac Jones and Davis Mills were the only two to have a successful season.

Wilson will enter his second year hoping to improve. After a strong rookie season, Elijah Moore is expected to improve, and Corey Davis is expected to have another productive season.

If not for injuries, both receivers could have had excellent seasons last year.

In his rookie season, Zach Wilson threw for 2,334 yards and nine touchdowns, numbers that are sure to improve with experience and a stronger team. He was also improving throughout the season.

According To Ex-Girlfriend Abbey Gile, Zach Wilson Has Been Sleeping With His Mom’s Best Friend

Wilson has been dating Abbey Gile for quite some time. Their friendship dates back to their teenage years. However, things appeared to be crumbling between the two recently.

Wilson posted an Instagram photo of him and Gile on a date in January of this year. Gile also posted a photo of the two outside MetLife Stadium on her IG account.

Things have really gotten out of hand now. Over the weekend, Commanders WR and Wilson’s ex-BYU teammate Dax Milne posted a romantic-looking photo with Gile, sparking speculation that the two are dating.

People were swarming Gile, accusing her of “homie hopping.” Gile was not amused by the message and responded with a banger that has gone viral. She alleged that Zach Wilson had slept with his mom’s best friend.

The move has garnered a lot of positive attention from fans in the news. Wilson jokes are going viral on social media, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Wilson has yet to comment on the situation, but he is currently going viral for all the wrong reasons.

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