teachingmensfashion Net Worth 2022: Jose Zuniga, Youtuber (Updated)

What Is Jose Zuniga Net Worth?

Net Worth $2.8 million
Launched September 14, 2012
Origin United States of America
Source of Income YouTuber
Subscribers 5.93 million 
Last updated2022

Teachingmensfashion is a fashion-influencing YouTube channel based in the United States. Jose Zuniga runs the channel and has a net worth of over $2.8 million as of 2022.

His YouTube channel has over 5.9 million subscribers. The channel was launched on September 14, 2012, by Jose Zuniga who gives fashion advice to men all over the globe! 

Jose’s Content on Instagram and Snapchat is also famous and gets a lot of views. 


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Jose Zuniga Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameJose Zuniga
Known As Teachingmensfashion
Date of Birth December 13
Ageyears old
Gender Male
Horoscope Sagittarius 
EthnicityNot Known 
ReligionNot Known 
Height Not Known 
Weight Not Known 
Marital StatusMarried
WifeKarla Zuniga
Net worth $2.28 million
ProfessionYouTuber, Content creator 

How Did teachingmensfashion channel Build Such A Huge Following?

Teachingmensfashion channel was launched on YouTube on September 14, 2012.

Apart from giving fashion advice, there are also fitness and exercise tutorials available on the channel. 

Jose Zuniga has gained 5.93 million subscribers on Youtube, and 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Currently, he gives fashion and fitness advice across platforms like Snapchat and Instagram apart from youtube. 

Personal Life 

 Jose Zuniga is married to Karla Zuniga and they have a daughter Brielle Zuniga

How Does Jose Zuniga Make Money?

The major source of income through which Jose Zuniga makes money are:

  • Earnings as a Youtuber
  • Paid ads
  • Brand promotions
  • Affiliate

teachingmensfashion highlights

  • 5.93 million subscribers on Youtube
  • 1.4 million followers on Instagram

teachingmensfashion Social Media Handles

Success Lesson

teachingmensfashion’s runner Jose Zuniga has impeccable taste in clothes and his dedication towards his health and fitness is praiseworthy, not only does he lead a rich life, but he also encourages so many others to do so! 


Teachingmensfashion channel has been a help to many men across the globe, who needed help with their clothing or styling. 

Jose Zuniga is a super-talented man and his superb taste in fashion and the health and fitness advice he gives out are changing so many lives! 

If you’re a man looking for some fashion advice or help with your workout routine, you might want to check out his channel for some great tips! 

As per recent updates, the net worth of Teachingmensfashion is $2.8 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few questions that are asked time and time again about teachingmensfashion‘s platform and content.

When was the teachingmensfashion channel launched on YouTube? 

teachingmensfashion channel was launched on September 14, 2012.

Where is the teachingmensfashion’s YouTube channel run from? 

teachingmensfashion is based in the United States. 

Who is behind the teachingmensfashion youtube channel? 

teachingmensfashion youtube channel is run by content creator Jose Zuniga

Is Jose Zuniga a married man? 

Jose Zuniga is married to Karla Zuniga and they have a daughter together named Brielle. 

When did Jose Zuniga get married? 

Jose Zuniga got married to Karla Zuniga on June 23, 2019, and they have had a daughter since then. 

What is the name of Jose Zuniga’s daughter? 

teachingmensfashion’s runner Jose Zuniga had a daughter on Feb 4, 2020. She was named Brielle Zuniga

How Much Money Does Teachingmensfashion Make From YouTube?

The Estimated amount of money Techningmensfashion make from YouTube is around $2,800 per day ($1 million a year).

(P.S. The net worth of Jose Zuniga mentioned in the article might not be entirely accurate, it has been gathered from various sources.) 

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