Taylor Sheridan Net Worth: biography, age, height, salary (Updated 2022)

What Is Taylor Sheridan’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$10.5 Million
Born May 21, 1970
Age51 Years Old
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Source of WealthScreenwriter, Actor, Director
Last Updated2022

Taylor Sheridan is an American screenwriter, actor, and director. He rose to notoriety after portraying David Hale in the FX television series “Sons of Anarchy.” Taylor has also written the screenplays for various films, including “Sicario,” a 2015 action thriller. As of 2022, her net worth is expected to be about $10.5 million as of now.


Are you interested to know what his major source of income is? How does he spend it? And other details? Let’s check out Taylor Sheridan’s success story and take away some valuable lessons.

Taylor Sheridan’s Early Life And Education 

Taylor Sheridan was born in Cranfills Gap, Texas, in the United States on May 21, 1970. His parents raised him on a ranch near Cranfills Gap, Texas. Taylor had previously attended Texas State University, but he dropped out and relocated to Austin.

He painted houses and maintained lawns after relocating to Austin. While searching for a job in a shopping mall, he met Talent Scout, Who offered him to visit Chicago and pursue an acting career. He then lived in Los Angeles and New York City during his phase as an actor. 

Taylor Sheridan’s Career 

Taylor Sheridan started his career by acting in small films and recurring roles in television series such as Texas Ranger, Walker, Veronica Mars, and David Hale Sons of Anarchy.

After turning 40, Taylor entered the entertainment industry as a screenwriter. He made his screenwriting debut in the 2015 action thriller “Sicario.” Which was directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film garnered favorable reviews from critics, and Sheridan was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Taylor made his directorial debut in 2011 with the horror film “Vile.”

His second film as a director was “Wind River,” for which he directed and created the screenplay for in 2017. The film was released in the United States, on August 18, 2017. 

Following that, he produced the TV series “Yellowstone,”. Which starred Kevin Costner, a well-known actor. The TV show was renewed for a second season on July 24, 2018.

He went on to write the sequel to the film Sicario, titled “Sicario: Day of the Soldado.” The film was released in 2018. “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” Sheridan’s most recent directorial film, was released in the United States on May 14, 2021. The distribution rights of the film were acquired by New Line Cinema, and Warner Bros. Pictures in May 2019, before the release. 

He also served as the film’s screenwriter and producer. Sheridan recently starred in Season 4 of the drama series “Yellowstone” as a guest star. In the season four two-hour premiere program, he reprised his role as cowboy Travis Wheatley.

Major Career Highlights

  • Vile
  • Sicario
  • Hell or High Water
  • Wind River
  • Sicario: Day of the Soldado
  • Without Remorse
  • Yellowstone
  • The Last Cowboy
  • Kansas City

Taylor Sheridan’s Personal Life

Taylor Sheridan married model and actress Nicole Muirbrook in 2013. Taylor hasn’t divulged much about his personal life, although it’s been discovered that he and his better half, Nicole, have a couple of children together.

How Does Taylor Sheridan Make Money?

These are the ways he makes his money.

  • Earnings as a Screenwriter
  • Earnings as an actor, producer, director
  • Earnings from Television series

Taylor makes a living as an actor, director, and screenplay writer in the United States. He rose to prominence after playing David Hale in ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ He’s also authored fantastic scripts for films like ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado,’ and ‘Wind River,’ and directed films like ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead.’

His annual salary will be $250,000 in 2022. He makes the most of his money through creating scripts, appearing in films, and directing films.

Taylor’s production company has produced numerous films and television series, and he profits handsomely from them.

Taylor Sheridan Social Media Accounts

Taylor Sheridan Biography/ Wikipedia

Full name / Real NameTaylor Sheridan
Nick Name Shez
Professional NameTaylor Sheridan 
Birth DateMay 21, 1970
Age51 years old
Height1.7 m
Weight75 kgs
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendHe‘s Married
Taylor Sheridan WifeNicole Muirbrook
Worth/salary/Income:$10.5 million
ProfessionScreenwriter, actor, director

3 Success Lessons From Taylor Sheridan 

  • Keep Hustling: Sheridan labored for two decades as an actor, playing little jobs until he finally landed a permanent position as a recurring character on Sons of Anarchy. However, even after paying taxes and commissions to his agent, it wasn’t enough for him to make a living as an actor in Los Angeles. To make ends meet, he began giving acting classes at night. But then he received some incredible news that would alter the course of his career.
  • Visualization: Sheridan explains that before he sits down to write, he must first view and comprehend the film. He must be able to visualize the story, character arcs, and the message that the script is attempting to convey. He’s also been cited as saying he doesn’t outline his work. The outline in his eyes is the visualization.
  • Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes: While it’s wonderful to watch a protagonist shine as the ultimate do-gooder, this isn’t what people see in real life. And this can easily alienate viewers from a character. Good people, in actuality, make mistakes. They have a history of doing nasty things. As a result, some very evil persons have also had respectable qualities in the past. Despite some bad decisions they’ve made in life, they can be wonderful fathers, moms, and mentors. That is the truth.


Taylor Sheridan is known as the “Father of Modern Westerns” for reviving one of America’s most enduring film genres. He’s a failed actor-turned-genius screenwriter and filmmaker who came close to failing.

 After struggling to develop his acting career for two decades, Sheridan’s spectacular rise to stardom is ascribed to what is now known as the “frontier trilogy,” three critically acclaimed screenplays written by Sheridan very lately.

 ‘Sicario,’ ‘Hell or High Water,’ and ‘Wind River’ are all examples of this writer’s deep attachment to the “frontier life,” rather than the “American dream.”

I hope you have grabbed some inspiring lessons from Taylor Sheridan’s success story.


Frequently asked questions about Taylor Sheridan

These are some of the questions frequently asked about Taylor Sheridan. Such as biography, age, height, weight, wife, and more.

What is the Net Worth of Taylor Sheridan?

Taylor Sheridan has an estimated net worth of $10.5 million.

What is Taylor Sheridan’s yearly salary?

His annual salary is around $250,000. He makes the most of his money through creating scripts, appearing in films, and directing films.

What does Taylor Sheridan do for a living?

Taylor is an actor, director, and screenplay writer from the United States. He rose to prominence after playing David Hale in ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

What is Taylor Sheridan’s age?

Taylor Sheridan is a 51-year-old actor who was born on May 21, 1970.

Please note: This is not the accurate net worth of Taylor Sheridan. It is the estimated amount collected from various web sources.

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