20 Supercar Blondie Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know (Updated)

Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love, and followers will follow Supercar Blondie

When it comes to the rarest and most unique car showcase, Supercar Blondie is constantly on the minds of car enthusiasts. In fact, everyone trusts her opinions.

When one of my friends decided to buy a car with the money she had saved over the years, I immediately recommended her Supercar Blondie YouTube channel.

But, interestingly, if you are someone who doesn’t know much about cars, our beloved YouTuber kind of trains the noobs too.

However, if you are someone who has zero to no knowledge about her, here is a brief introduction and a few Supercar Blondie interesting facts for you.

Who is Supercar Blondie? 

Supercar Blondie, a.k.a., Alexandra Mary Hirschi is an Australian YouTuber, entertainer, and social media personality located in Dubai, UAE. 

She is most recognized for her automobile videos, which she shares on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on a daily basis.

Alexandra has got about 43 million followers on Facebook, 10.1 million on Instagram, and 8.02 million subscribers on YouTube. Automotive manufacturers such as Bugatti and Ferrari use Hirschi’s presence on social media to market their brand.

She describes her YouTube content as an “insight into the supercar subculture and what it is like to drive these great vehicles in a lighthearted, enjoyable way.” 

Now that you have got a brief and abstract understanding of who this Australian YouTuber is, now is the time to give you some Supercar Blondie interesting facts.

20 Supercar Blondie Interesting Facts You Never Knew

1. Fastest Growing Auto Page 

Back in 2018, Supercar Blondie was the fastest-growing auto page on Facebook globally. No wonder, she has about 43 million followers and it is still growing.

Her insights and facts about various luxurious cars are what keep automobile enthusiasts hooked on her channel and pages. 

2. Holds An Expensive Car Collection 

The second one on the list of Supercar Blondie interesting facts will definitely blow your mind. She owns a car collection that includes the world’s most expensive cars!

Her list ranges from Mitsubishi Lancer, Lamborghini Huracan LP610, Rolls Royce Wraith BB, to Tesla Cybertruck. 

3. Mitsubishi Lancer Was Her First Car

Alexandra was exposed to the world of supercars at a very early age. When she lived back in Australia, Mitsubishi Lancer was her first-ever car and she enjoyed driving it through the streets of Queensland. 

Later on, she moved to Dubai as a presenter and bought the second one for her collection soon. 

4. Blondie Was A Radio Presenter Before Becoming A YouTuber

Hirschi didn’t think of becoming a YouTuber in the first place. She went to the Queensland University of Technology to study Journalism and Business. 

She moved to Dubai and worked as a Dubai Eye 103.8 presenter and newsreader for 9 years. In 2018, she left her almost-decade job and took up YouTube-ing as her full-time career. 

5. The Devel Sixteen Was First Driven By Supercar Blondie

The Devel Sixteen is a proposed 5,000 horsepower hypercar that has been in production for some time. It is the creation of a UAE billionaire.

Another among the Supercar Blondie interesting facts that will surely amuse you is that Blondie is the first user, beyond the production firm, to get an opportunity to test-driving in 2018. 

6. Supercar Blondie Holds A Range Of Influencer Awards 

She is the holder of a wide range of influencer titles like Vlogger of the Year by Cosmopolitan Magazine ME, and Lifestyle Influencer of the Year by the Monaco Influencer Awards

It doesn’t just end here; Supercar Blondie also won Influencer of the Year by Esquire Middle East, and 50 Most Influential Wоmеn in the Arab World bу thе Аrаbіаn Вuѕіnеѕѕ. Recently, she has won the Breakout YouTuber of the year by Shorty Awards in May 2020. 

7. Alex Hosted The TV Show ‘Car Crews’

Blondie hоstеd the TV show titlеd “Cars Crews with Supercar Blondie” which was on Broadcasting & Cаblе.

Not so surprisingly, once again, she has been nominated under the Тор 30 mоѕt influential wоmеn іn thе Arab World by Аrаbіаn Вuѕіnеѕѕ.

8. Supercar Blondie Appeared On Several TV Shows

She appeared on a range of varied TV shows based on cars like “GRIP”, where she re-showcased Lа Fеrrаrі Ареrtа and Вugаttі L’Оr Вlаnс. 

Blondie again appeared on USA’s one of the best reality shows, ‘Top Gear’, where the shooting took place in Abu Dhabi. 

9. Her Husband Is Her Manager 

This might come as a surprise for many, but Alexandra has been married for a quite long time to Nik Hirschi

Nik Hirschi is a husband as well as a manager to Alex, a.k.a., Supercar Blondie. Undoubtedly, he too is a car fanatic but doesn’t come to the forefront to show his love for her cars. 

He rather stays backstage and supports his wife to gain stardom. You might catch his glimpse or two on her videos and social media posts. 

10. She Made A Video On Veneno Roadster

The Veneno roadster was limited to only 9 models. There’s one, though, which was rather exclusionary. It was the only version with entirely bare carbon fiber.

The automobile was brought to Dubai and sat behind a heavy car cover for days. Later on, Supercar Blondie was given special permission to film it and drive it for a while. 

11. Her Lamborghini Is Named Lucy  

Yet another on the list of Supercar Blondie interesting facts is the name of her favorite car. Supercar Blondie received a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 in April 2018. She even documented the journey on her Youtube account. 

Lucy, her Lamborghini, has been on a number of her excursions and has had many color changes. However, it appears that Lucy’s love is gone since she just listed the automobile for sale.

12. Supercar Blondie Writes For A Magazine

Alex Hirschi writes for Esquire ME as a freelance author which appeared in 2009. Esquire ME highlights current events in the fields of glamor, tourism, sports, entertainment, and of course, vehicles. 

Alex provides stories for the magazine’s automotive section. She also frequently gives her opinions on current events in the car business.

13. Supercar Blondie Is The Highest Paying Instagrammer 

This topmost automobile blogger is the top-paid internet automotive ambassador around the globe. She has a yearly income of $1.4 million. 

This is partly due to paid posts on social media since she has over 6.5 million Instagram followers. It’s more astounding since Alex achieved all of this fame in a patriarchal field.

14. Blondie Featured On ‘Top Gear’ 

Top Gear’ is a prominent British automobile show with an international following. The production company was in Dubai in July 2019 to film a segment. And Supercar Blondie was featured on the program.

The Stig is the enigmatic driver who regularly rips the vehicles around a racetrack to assess lap times. The Stig even took her for a few circuits.

15. Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc Owner Asked For Her Review

The automobile’s owner flew to an elite hotel in Dubai in April 2018. The person asked Supercar Blondie to make a special evaluation of the car.

The Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc takes hypercar opulence to new heights. This is a one-of-a-kind automobile created in collaboration with Berlin’s Royal Porcelain manufacture. 

As a consequence, elevated porcelain pieces have been used to create portions of the vehicle’s body shell and decor. 

16. Blondie Owned A BMW i8 As Her Second Car

After Supercar Blondie initially relocated to Dubai, she had a BMW i8 as her first supercar. The hybrid automobile has a maximum power output of 370 horsepower. It can also be operated in pure electric mode.

She was frequently seen driving around Dubai in her car. But, she ended up selling it and went on to a considerably more powerful Lamborghini Huracan LP610. 

17. Her Net Worth Is Almost $19.1 Million 

Supercar Blondie net worth is $19.1 million, which is expected to rise to $20 million by 2021. 

She also earns money by selling items and sponsoring posts on social networking sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Endorsement deals and collaborations on YouTube let her earn a lot of money.

18. Her Parents Influenced Her Big Time 

This might (or might not) come as a big one among Supercar Blondie’s interesting facts, but her parents influenced her a lot into becoming what she is today. 

Her parents too are supercar enthusiasts and that’s how she was introduced to such a realm. 

Alex credited her interests to two factors: her growing up in driving culture and her driver parents. 

19. She Interviewed A-List Celebrities

During her presenter days in Dubai, she had the opportunity to interview several A-listed celebrities. 

This includes John Travolta (the American actor and singer), Liam Neeson (actor from North Ireland), and Jake Gyllenhaal (American actor). 

And let me just say, she is the best in her field. 

20. Supercar Blondie Drove The Batmobile

Yeah, it’s true. Our Alex drove the ultimate Batmobile from the Batman (1989) movie. Batman drove the infamous fictional automobile ‘The Batmobile’. 

Batman’s Batmobile is an armored tactical assault car as well as a customized chase and recaptures vehicle that he uses in his struggle against criminals.


So, did you like the top 20 Supercar blondie interesting facts

Supercar Blondie as a person inspires me a lot. Gaining such a position and fame in a male-dominated field is not an easy thing to do. I bet she had her share of ups and downs. 

But there’s one thing for sure. It doesn’t matter whether you are an automobile enthusiast or not, her videos will definitely mesmerize you. You can spend hours with her escapades in Dubai and her car babies. 

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