SteveWillDoIt net Worth

What is SteveWillDolt’s Net Worth

Net Worth$3.5 million
BornAugust 26 1998
Age23 years old
BirthplaceOviedo, Florida, United States
Source of WealthYouTuber, Prankster
Last Updated2021

SteveWillDoit is the online name of Stephen Rocco Deleonardist.  He is an American YouTuber, and Instagram Star. He has boasted a net worth of over $3.5 million. He is best known for his video “I’m Dating a Beautiful 31-Year Old Latina Woman” and he gained popularity by collaboration with the public prank channel, “NELK”.


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Early Life & Education

SteveWillDoit’s real name is Stephen Rocco Deleonardist. He was born in Oviedo, Florida, the United States on 26 August 1998. SteveWillDoit’s is known for living a low-key life where he doesn’t share his private details publicly. 

SteveWillDoit grew up in Oviedo and went to Oviedo High School.


He performs various stunts and food acts which got him a large fan base. He began his career in May 2017 by posting challenge videos on Instagram. 

In May 2019, Stephen launched his Youtube channel by the handle SteveWillDoit. He has around 4.12 Million subscribers as of 2021 October. In the same year, he also collaborated with NELK. 

Steve gained more popularity as he became a member of the social experiment and public prank channel, Nelk Entertainment. On 7 May 2019, he made a video named “Fake Security at Hollywood’s Hottest Night Club Prank

He is also known as the star of a game show on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. In 2020, along with other NELK members, Steve got an opportunity to meet former President, Donald Trump. He was invited to dance by Trump during Trump’s campaign rallies. 

Apart from Youtube he has got 3.2 million followers on Instagram. 

Personal Life

Steve is currently dating Instagram star, Celina Smith. They have been dating for 4 years. He introduced her on his YouTube channel. The couple is adored by fans.

Steve was arrested with other NELK members for disturbing the peace in May 2020. They were trying to film a prank at a Target Store in Mississippi.

How Does SteveWillDoit Make His Money?

These are the major sources of income through which he has accumulated a net worth of $3.5 million.

  • Earnings from Youtube
  • Earnings from Paid ads
  • Earnings from Social Media
  • Other social media platform

SteveWillDoit has 4.12 Million subscribers on Youtube. A normal YouTuber gets $3 – $7 for thousand views per video. So SteveWillDoit’s YouTube channel generates him around $39.63 thousand per month and $594.39 a year. 

SteveWillDoit also promotes a few products and earns from sponsorship. He earns additional revenue from the sponsoring in YouTube as well as Instagram. He earns around $1.07 million with ad revenue. 

SteveWillDoit’s Social Media Accounts

Famous SteveWillDoit’s Quotes

“I have no problem giving people my money. If I am tripping over 10s of thousands or 100s of thousand dollars later in life. That means I failed.”


“You can’t beat Wall Street using Wall Street. Switch to bitcoin and see the powerful become powerless.”


4 Success lessons from SteveWillDoit

  • As Successful Youtuber
  • Be Consistent
  • Welcome new ideas
  • Love what you do

As a Successful Youtuber

SteveWillDoit started his career by posting on Instagram but then he extended his kingdom to Youtube. He has gained fame by joining NELK and understanding what the audience likes. He has almost 4.12 million subscribers. 

Be Consistent

SteveWillDoit created his Youtube channel in 2019 and since then he has never looked back. He grew up so much in providing quality content by creating some interesting challenges, pranks. 

Welcome New Ideas

To be successful in life like SteveWillDoit, you should always welcome what life offers you. If you get a thought and it positively interests you to expand your career, you can explore and go with the ideas.

Love What You Do

Discovering what you like to do is very important to be successful in life. Even if you have a great job that doesn’t make you feel great then what’s the use of even doing that job? Passion and interest are what make you produce your utmost potential.


SteveWillDoit is a famous American YouTuber, and Instagram Star who is known for his famous YouTube video “I’m Dating a Beautiful 31-Year Old Latina Woman”. He is a member of NELK Entertainment.

Some important lessons which can be observed from SteveWillDoit are that you need to do what you like and be confident about it. Being faithful to yourself is very important to be successful in life.

Hope you found some interesting stuff about the famous YouTuber and Instagram Star.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting questions about SteveWillDoit which are frequently asked such as biography, age, height, weight, wife, and so on…!

What is SteveWillDoit’s Age?

SteveWillDoit was born on 26 August 1998. He’s 23 years old.

Is SteveWillDoit Married?.

No, he’s not married.

Who’s SteveWillDoit’s Girlfriend?

SteveWillDoit is currently dating an Instagram star, Celina Smith.

How Much Money Does SteveWillDoit Make On YouTube?

SteveWillDoiti YouTube channel generates around $39.63 thousand per month.

(This is not the exact net worth of SteveWillDoit, it is the estimated value. The information is collected from various web sources). 

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