Sarah Parish Net Worth 2022: Bio, Age, Wiki, Husband (Updated)

What is Sarah Parish’s net worth?

Net Worth$4.5 million
Born7th June 1968
Age54 years old
BirthplaceYeovil, Somerset, England
Source of WealthActress
Last Updated2022

Sarah Parish is an English actress. As of 2022, she has a significant net worth of $4.5 million. She is best recognized for her roles in movies such as “The Wedding Date,” “The Holiday,” and “Blackpool.”

She has worked in numerous TV series such as “The Pillars of the Earth,” “Peak Practice,” “Hearts and Bones,” “Cutting It,” “Doctor Who,” “Mistresses,” “Merlin,” “Atlantis,” and “Monroe.”


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Sarah Parish Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameSarah Parish 
As Known AsSarah Parish 
Birth Date7th June 1968
Age 54 years old
Height5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Weight126 lb / 57 kg
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse James Murray (m. 2007)
Net Worth$4.5 million

How Was Sarah Parish’s Early Life And Education?

Sarah Parish was born on June 7, 1968, to Bill and Thelma Parish. She was born in Yeovil, Somerset, England. She has two siblings, Julie and John. John Parish is a musician by profession.

Sarah graduated from Preston School, and later, attended Yeovil College for higher education. She started acting at a young age. She made her stage debut at two in a pantomime, playing the role of a pearl in an oyster. 

Later, Sarah joined the Yeovil Youth Theatre to improve her acting skills.

How Did Sarah Parish Start Her Career?

Sarah took training at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London. Later, she appeared in a cult advertisement for Manchester-based Boddingtons bitter in 1994.

As a result, she got roles in several northern-themed parts, such as Dawn Rudge in “Peak Practice” (1993), Allie Henshall in “Cutting It” (2002), Annie Naylor in “Trust,” and Natalie Holden in “Blackpool” (2004).

Sarah also appeared in the BBC series “ShakespeareRe-Told” as Beatrice and in the television series “Merlin” as Lady Catrina. She co-starred in “Monroe”, a ITV’s medical drama in 2011. Later, she starred in the BBC TV series “Atlantis” from 2013 to 2015.

Parish has played Cheryl Fairweather in the Sky One sitcom “Trollied” since November 2015.

In December 2017, she portrayed Supt Elizabeth Bancroft in the ITV miniseries “Bancroft” Then later, she also appeared in the second season.

In December 2019, she appeared in “The Cockfields” as well as HBO/BBC drama “Industry.” Later, she was cast in the Netflix original “Stay Close” in December 2021.

Sarah Parish’s Personal Life 

Sarah Parish got married to James Murray on December 15, 2007, in Hampshire.

In January 2008, they announced Sarah’s pregnancy, but unfortunately, their daughter Ella-Jayne was born with Rubinstein–Taybi syndrome and died in 2009. 

Later, In November 2009, they welcomed their second daughter, Nell Murray. 

Parish and Murray raise funds for the Southampton General Hospital’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in their daughter’s honor. As of December 2019, they had raised £5.2 million for the PICU.

How does Sarah Parish make money?

The major source of income through which Sarah makes money includes:

  • Earnings as an Actress  

Sarah Parish’s Social Media Handles

Sarah Parish’s Filmography 

  • Television: Blackpool (2004)
  • ShakespeaRe-Told (2005)
  • Mistresses (2008-09)
  • Monroe (2011-12), 
  • Trollied (2015-18)
  • The Cockfields (2019-present)
  • Films: Parting Shots (1999)
  • The Wedding Date (2005)
  • The Holiday (2006)
  • You, Me and Him (2018)
  • Bad Apples (2018)

Major Career Highlights

  • Sarah was nominated for the National Television Award 2003 for the category “Most Popular Actress,” for her role in “Cutting It” (2002).
  • She was nominated for the Gold Derby Awards 2006 for the category “TV Movie/Mini Supporting Actress,” for her role in “Blackpool” (2004).

Sarah Parish Famous Quotes

“Living with fear stops us taking risks, and if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never going to get the best fruit.” 

Sarah Parish

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Sarah Parish

“I don’t think anyone’s life is totally wonderful, however it looks from outside.”

Sarah Parish

3 Success Lessons From Sarah Parish

  • Find success by establishing smart, measurable, and attainable, goals.
  • Maintain accountability by checking your progress as frequently as possible 
  • Success does not happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work and effort.


Sarah Parish is an English actress. She is famous for her roles in “The Wedding Date” (2005), “The Holiday” (2006), and “Blackpool” (2004).

She is also known for her appearances in numerous TV series including “The Pillars of the Earth,” “Peak Practice,” “Hearts and Bones,” “Cutting It,” “Doctor Who,” “Mistresses,” “Merlin,” “Atlantis” and “Monroe.”

I hope Sarah Parish’s success story inspires you to work extra hard and follow your passion. 

As per recent updates, the net worth of Sarah Parish is $4.5 Million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Sarah Parish?

Sarah Parish is 54 years old as she was born on 7th June 1968.

Where is Sarah Parish from?

Sarah Parish is from Somerset, England.

What is Sarah Parish’s marital status?

Sarah Parish has been married to James Murray since 2007.

How tall is Sarah Parish?

As per the reports, Sarah Parish is 1.73 meters tall.

What is Sarah Parish’s weight?

Sarah Parish weighs around 126 pounds (57 kg).

PS: (This is not the exact net worth of Sarah Parish. The information is derived from various web sources.)

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