The 5 Best Robert Greene Books Everyone Must Read

Learn About Power, Seduction, and War From The Expert 

The New York Times Best-Selling Author Robert Greene has a lot to offer…!

If you are keen on knowing human psychology, then this author is just for you. Robert Greene specializes in understanding human drives and motivations. 

You must be wondering why am I calling him an “expert”? Let me tell you. 

It’s not like the books are just some made-up bunch of words. He took the labor of researching for years and takes inspiration from the great historic personalities. 

So, you can be sure that he verified his own suggestions. 

Greene instructs us on how to separate ourselves from our own feelings and self-management.

He demonstrates how to build the feeling of compassion, how to look beyond the masks of others, and how to reject mediocrity to establish a unique sense of mission.

Since he influenced my life for the better, I thought why not share the books with you. 

5 Best Robert Greene Books That Will Change Your Life

Below I have jotted down the 5 best Robert Greene books you must read. You never know, these 5 gems may open new avenues in your soul. Greene was a mentor of Author Ryan Holiday, Who has written several best selling books such as “Obstacle is the key”, “Ego is the Enemy”, and “The Daily Stoic”. 

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1. The Laws of Human Nature (2019)

Robert Greene’s books are a great guide who breaks old knowledge and ideology into key texts for those who seek power, insight, and dominance.

He is now turning to the topic – the comprehension of urges and motives of individuals, even if they are unaware of them.

The Laws of Human Nature” gives amazing strategies of achievement, development, and self-defense, either at the job, in relationships, or in molding the environment around you.

Get the book here: The Laws Of Human Nature

2. Mastery (2012)

Each of us has the capacity to be a Master in ourselves. 

Learn about your preferred industry secrets, through rigorous learning, assimilate those with years of expertise. 

Push beyond opponents to exceed in intelligence, and explore conceptual frameworks from within.

Learn the behaviors, recorded for this book, of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Leonardo da Vinci, and the 9 current Masters.

The readers learn how to free themselves from the intensity in this important work and become experts.

Get the book here: Mastery

3. The 48 Laws of Power (2000)

The content of this Robert Greene book is borrowed from the theories of Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, and Carl von Clausewitz

And biographies of personalities ranging from Henry Kissinger to PT Barnum

Robert Greene and Joost Elffers have divided 3000 years of history into 48 basic rules.

The necessity for prudence is taught in certain laws, some emphasize the importance of trust while others advocate extreme self-preservation. 

However, every rule has one common factor: a desire in the complete rule. 

The 48 Laws of Power” is excellent in a bright and striking two-color packaging.

Whether you are trying to conquer, defend yourself, or just grasp the rules of the game.

Get the book here: The 48 Laws of Power

4. The 33 Strategies of War (2006)

The pioneering instructions of Robert Greene provide deep, everlasting principles from the historical happenings. 

The Robert Greene book assists readers to overcome an opponent, snatch an unbelieving victim or become the greatest in the industry. 

Greene has made a major contribution to this brutal and distinctive series with “The 33 Strategies of War.”

It is a complete and brilliant guide to the intricate daily life game based on war’s most efficient military tactics.

Get the book here: The 33 Strategies of War

5. The Art of Seduction (2003)

Seduction, a subtle and sophisticated kind of influence has overturned civilizations, won elections, and subjugated brilliant minds.

Take in the 24 maneuvers and methods of the seductive procedure, the process by which a seducer takes control of the aim.

Learn how to “poetize your existence,” “keeping your prevalence in anticipation” and “mastering the art of bold moves.” 

It is a  vital text for persuading that shows one of the most powerful weapons of civilization.

Get the book here: The Art of Seduction


Robert Greene books help you think about strategies. And definitely, how to put them on papers. 

This comes from the fact that he has a strong knowledge of the business world. And that’s why he could explain the tactics smoothly and efficiently. 

Greene too analyzed and took tips from the great warriors. 

If you want more of this brilliant author, you can listen to his speeches online. 


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