10 Best Sir Richard Branson Books To Boost Your Success

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Feeling inspired and motivated for the day doesn’t come easy. That is why we have shortlisted 10 Best Books by Richard Branson, which will not only provide you with the motivation you seek but also help you in boosting your success!

Before we look at the list, let’s know more about Richard Branson, and why his work has done wonders for people all over the world. 

Richard Branson, also known as Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, was born in Shamley Green, Surrey, England, on July 18, 1950. He is a British entrepreneur and adventurer. He is the head of Virgin Group Ltd

Branson was a school dropout and started working as a successful entrepreneur as a teenager. He then formed what was called the Virgin Mail Order Records. Which were named so because of his inexperience in the field. He finally opened the first British discount record store in 1971. 

Virgin Records became a principal label worldwide for punk and the new wave. He started with a single aircraft, the carrier succeeded and despite the opposition, he went ahead and sold Virgin Records to raise additional money for Virgin Atlantic.

He later started multiple businesses all starting with the word “Virgin”. Which established his brand. He has not only become a billionaire but also contributed to various charitable initiatives including pledging an estimated $3 billion in 2006 to fund environmentally friendly fuel research. 

For his support of humanitarian and environmental causes, Branson received the Citizen of the Year Award from the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA). 

The 10 Best Sir Richard Branson Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Some of his best-selling books include Losing My Virginity: How I’ve Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way, and The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership. Branson was also knighted in 1999.

Now that you know a little about Richard Branson, let’s dive into his works, that is bound to impact your life in the best way:

1. Screw it, Let’s Do it

In his book, he talks about the responsibility big companies have towards the environment. And Branson is here to take accountability and lead to provide the best ways to handle the environmental issue. 

He not only provides solutions but also enlightens us to his journey of inspiration and what keeps him going to make a better future. He has not been one to do things by the book, but he has been inspired and influenced by many remarkable people. 

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2. Losing My Virginity

Losing My Virginity is an internationally best-selling autobiography of Richard Branson. This book is filled with details of his lucrative adventures, beginning with dropping out of school, founding a record label, and crossing the Atlantic ocean on a speedboat.

The premise of the book is how cleverness, determination, and an adventurous mindset, provided us with one of the richest men in the world. 

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3. Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School

How about taking business advice from the best in the business? Richard Branson is your go-to person!

In this book, he provides detailed experiences that have made him one of the world’s most recognized and respected entrepreneurs. 

From his advice on succeeding in business to some hard truths on the global financial crisis. This book provides one with the best kind of business school.

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4. The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership

In the Virgin way, Branson gives an inside look at his leadership style. This book is filled with how fun, family, passion, and listening are key components to what his employees around the world have always dubbed (with a wink) the “Virgin Way.”

Branson provides us with a unique perspective. Where he dropped out of school at sixteen, suffers from dyslexia, and has never worked for anyone but himself. Branson asserts that “you’ll never have to think outside the box if you refuse to let anyone build one around you.”

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5. Business Stripped Bare

In Business Stripped Bare, Sir Richard Branson provides us with personal experiences from his business life and dives deep into his most risky and brilliant deals.

This book will be great for people starting their careers who want to know what the business tyrants are looking for in people when they are hiring. Business Stripped Bare is one of the powerful, inspirational, and true guides to success in business and life. 

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6. Reach For The Skies: Ballooning, Birdmen and Blasting Into Space

In this book, Richard looks at the history of flight through the stories and people who have inspired him throughout his life. 

It is a book about, rescues; records made and broken; of surprising feats of endurance and survival, including some of Richard’s real-life adventures, as well as developments in the future of air (and space) travel. 

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7. Arctic Diary: Surviving On Thin Ice

This book is about the real-life experience of Branson, his father, and his crew in the heart of the Arctic wilderness. Sam explores the changing landscape and the lives of the native Inuit people who have survived in a relentlessly inhospitable environment for 5000 years.

It’s a book that inspires the reader to keep going despite the obstacles as well as to have an adventurous mindset and a will to do right by the environment we live in. 

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8. Let’s Not Screw It, Let’s Just Do It

In this book, Richard shares his ideas and secrets of his success. Richard feels that the adverse effects on our environment are a result of our actions and one should take accountability and responsibility. 

He shares real-life lessons of building a million-dollar company and provides solutions to the issues concerning the environment. 

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9. Globalization Laid Bare: Lessons In International Business

Globalization Laid Bare is a book introduced by Sir Richard Branson, that includes contributions from 14 remarkable global thinkers and business people who provide compelling views on the threats and opportunities that lie ahead.

This book is a guide to illuminating one of the objectives concerning our future. These questions are answered by world experts in the West and Asia-from former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan to Ecofeminist Dr. Vandana Shiva. 

These fourteen experts identify the core insights that drive globalization, and where we should look for answers.

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10. Screw Business As Usual

Screw Business As Usual is a book that can help us provide some meaning to our lives and help change the world at the same time. Richard Branson shares his ideas for the future and what we can do to improve it. 

 “It is time to turn capitalism upside down – to shift our values, to switch from a profit focus to caring for people, communities, and the planet.”

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Sir Richard Branson has been a motivational speaker and a best-selling author for a long time. He has also impacted the lives of people as well as businesses with their process of working all while being mindful of the environment. 

Sir Richard Branson has achieved so much, and that could be your life story as well. So get yourself a copy of the book you like from this list, and start that journey to success today!


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