Police Visited PewDiePie House But Why?

Why did the police visit the world’s most popular YouTuber?

‘PewDiePie’ whose real name is Felix Kjellberg. He has gained huge popularity over the years on YouTube. Since 2010, he has taken his YouTube career to a great height and in a wide variety of directions, sometimes controversial. 

PewDiePie” revealed in a recent YouTube video that police recently visited his home in the UK after he bought a Balisong knife via Wish. Wish is an online eCommerce platform that provides a wide variety of items. 

After taking a short break in January, he came up with a 16 minutes video titled “I bought forbidden Wish Items (Cops Came To My House Big Oopsie)”. 

Some US states, as well as the UK, have laws against the Balisong knife. PewDiePie uses the Balisong as a fidget toy. It’s sometimes visible in his videos or streams that he fidgets with it.

Upon being asked why he was buying the balisong knife online, the police probably heard him telling them this.

“I had the great idea of attempting to buy a balisong,” PewDiePie replied, “Because I am a huge fan of them. They are fun to play with and it is awesome. Don’t do that. Don’t buy a balisong. The cops came to my house and said I was bad and it should not have happened. I am sorry.”

Because PewDiePie is Swedish and where the Balisong might be considered a tool, not a weapon, PewDiePie believes it may be culturally influenced.

Also, the knife has a very different reputation in the US, where it’s called a butterfly knife and is most commonly viewed as a weapon.

According to PewDiePie, the whole ordeal caused him considerable stress, which prompted him to purchase some legal fidget toys.

Here is the video:


Those who aren’t familiar with Balisong knives may know them as Butterfly knives, fan knives, or Batangas knives.

In many countries, it’s illegal or restricted and has a negative association with crime. The folding pocket knife originated in the Philippines. PewDiePie did not know this. According to the YouTuber, he did not face any repercussions from his run-in with the law. 

I hope you don’t order it if you are in the United Kingdom or The United States. 

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