Nikki Mudarris Net Worth

How much is Nikki Mudarris Net Worth?

Net Worth$1 million
BornJune 28 1990
Born in countryLos Angeles, California
Source of WealthEntrepreneur, Tv reality Show Star
Last update2020

Nikki Mudarris Net Worth

Nikki Mudarris net worth is $1 million according to the latest update.


Nikki Mudarris is an entrepreneur, Television reality show personality, and a socialite. She is popularly known for appearing in the television reality show “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood”. 

He also appeared in another reality show “Scared Famous” in 2017. She was born into a wealthy family in the Hollywood hills.

The majority of her net worth is earned from her reality shows and Instagram account. Though she also takes care of her family business.

Being so young she has decided to establish her wealth. She got popular from her relationship dramas from the show “Love and Hip-hop”.

…Let’s checkout Nikki Mandarris’ story.

Early Life

Nikki Mudarris was born in Los Angeles, California U.S on June 28, 1990. She was raised in the Hollywood hills. She belongs to a wealthy family. Her father “Abu Mudarris” is a well-known business person. 

He is into a business of night clubs and adult industries. He is known as a “Godfather of strip clubs”. Her family also owns a chain of gentlemen’s clubs known as “The Body Shop”.

Nikki’s mother “Marcelle Ezerzer Mudarris” is a former dancer. 

As a child, she was never exposed to her clubs and its surroundings.

She was raised with all the luxury and comfort. She graduated from the University of California, with a major in business communication and management. 

She was very much interested in modeling and fashion from her childhood days… 

Nikki has a sister “Monique”. She also had a brother Omar, who passed away in 2015. 

She got famous when she appeared in the reality show “Love and Hip-hop: Hollywood” telecast on Vh1. 

She appeared in the show because of her boyfriend Mally Mall. He is a well-known producer who was invited to the show before Nikki. Mally asked Nikki also, to join the show along with him.

She got widely famous over the internet. When they both got caught in a sex scandal and the video got viral.


You might have known her from her appearance on the television reality show “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood. She got popular from the first season of this show. As her relationship with producer Mally Mall was a hot topic of discussion.

Other dramatical things were going on in the show. As she was seen with romance with rapper Lil fizz. They started dating each other until season 2.

She entered season 3 with the main role. This time she came out with a bisexual relationship. It was no surprise that at that time she was in a relationship with Rosa Acosta and Safaree Samuels.

This show was her major source of wealth.

During the time of “Love and Hip-Hop,”. She found her inner instinct of fashion and entrepreneurship. After the show, she then launched her website “Nude by Nikki”. That deals with selling online lingerie and undergarments. 

The designer lingerie company was launched for luxurious and modern women.

Now she also takes care of her family’s club in Los Vegas and Hollywood. Graduating with a business management degree was worth doing. It helped her to run her family businesses.

Apart from her website and the reality shows she makes money through her Instagram handle. Where she has got 3.4 million followers. Here she earns by advertising and promotion.

As per the current updates, Nikki Mudarris net worth is $1 million.

Personal Life

Before joining the first season of the show “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood” She was in a relationship with the music producer “Mally Mall”. 

Later on, during the show, she broke up with him, causing some legal action also. 

Until season 2 dated rapper Lil Fuzz for about a year. There was more to come and she did it. Then, she dated the producer of the show, “Safaree Samuels”. 

She then came out with bisexual relations. Where she had a love triangle and a relationship with both the sexes.

She was also romantic with Rosa Acosta, Stephen Belafonte and Joseline Hernandez.

Apart from all these, she has also dated a basketball player “Austin Daye”.

She is single now but we cannot predict the future. 

Nikki mudarris is available on

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Nikki Major Career Highlights

Here are some of her achievements and success in her career:

  • “Love and Hip-Hop” (Season 1,2 & 3)
  • 2017 Scared Famous reality Show
  • 2017, co-host talk show “The Real”
  • “Nude by Nikki” – Online luxury Lingeries store

Some Interesting Things

  • She had a nose surgery twice because of a car accident her nose got dislocated.
  • She has also got her breast surgery done. She did because before she found her breast flat.
  • She has a luxury car collection. One of those is the Bentley Continental Coupe.
  • She has a good friendship with Angel Brinks and loves to wear her designed clothes.

Nikki Mudarris Famous Quotes

Here are some of the favorite sayings and quotes from Her.

If people aren’t good for you, be good to them.

Nikki Mudarris

Live your life for you.

Nikki mudarris

A woman knows how to please each other better that’s just a fact.

Nikki Mudarris

I’m back and looking fabulous as always.

Nikki Mudarris

3 Lessons from Nikki Mudarris

Now that you know everything about her. Let’s check out the inspiring lesson from Nikki, on her journey till now.

Be the change

If you want to see the change, you have to be the change. If you want to change something for good. You have to change yourself first.

Success comes with your hardest climb

Success is best seen when you take your hardest effort. Keep trying until you reach.

You can’t help people who are not willing to change

You cannot help people if they are comfortable with what they have. Or they don’t have any issue with it.


Nikki Mudarris is an American entrepreneur and Tv show personality. She is best known for her reality show “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood”. She has also launched her online luxury lingeries website for modern women.

She is also a well-known personality in Hollywood. As she was born and raised in Hollywood hills.

You know that she was born with a silver spoon in a wealthy family. You can look at how she established her wealth at an early age. From appearing in a reality show to launching her website.

As per the recent updates, Nikki Mudarris net worth is $1 million.

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