Morten Harket Net Worth (Updated 2022)

What Is Morten Harket’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$61 Million
BornSeptember 14, 1959
Age62 years old
BirthplaceKongsberg, Norway
Source of WealthSinger, Songwriter
Last Updated2022

Morten Harket is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. He is the vocalist of the chart-topping 1980s pop/rock band ‘A-ha.’ As of 2022, he had a net worth of $61 million.

He is best known for his hit single “Take On Me.” He also had a successful solo career, having released six studio albums. 

Four of his six solo albums reached number one on the Norwegian music charts. In recent years, he appeared as a judge on “The Voice Norway” for two seasons and also in the British version of The Masked Singer as a Viking in 2021 on ITV.

Let’s have a look at his life, career, biography, wiki, and other details.

Morten Harket Biography/ Wikipedia

Morten Harket Real NameMorten Harket
Known AsMorten Harket
Birth DateSeptember 14, 1959
Age 62 years old
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
Weight168 lbs (76 kg)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Morten Harket GirlfriendInez Anderson
Children’sJakob Harket, Jonathan Harket, Tomine , Henny & Karmen Poppy
Net Worth$61 Million
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter

How was Morten Harket’s Early Life and Education?

Morten Harket, the second of five children, was born in Kongsberg to Henny, an economics teacher, and Reidar, a chief physician. He grew up in Asker, Norway.

He defined his early school years as difficult. He later graduated from the University of Oslo.

Harket’s love of music began when he was a child, and it seemed to run in the family. His father had considered taking classical piano lessons.  

Harket tried piano lessons but lacked the discipline to practice. He preferred composing and improvising instead. Hendrix and Uriah Heep, among others, inspired him to pursue music, particularly singing.

How Did Morten Harket Start His Career?

Harket joined his first band, the blues/soul group Souldier Blue, in 1982. He was hesitant when keyboardist Magne Furuholmen (also known as Mags) contacted him about joining him and guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (formerly known as Pl Waaktaar) in a new band.

Later that year, he was persuaded to leave Souldier Blue for this opportunity. Savoy’s The guitarist considered naming a song “a-ha” or “a-hem.” Instead, Harket was sold on A-ha as the group’s name because it came across as positive, simple, and unique.

Harket and A-ha had a manager, Terry Slater, and a recording contract with Warner Brothers a year later. The band recorded their debut album, Hunting High and Low, over eight weeks. 

On October 19, 1984, A-ha released a single from the album, “Take on Me.” In the United States, it debuted at No. 91 on the Billboard chart in 1985. 

His second studio album was “Scoundrel Days”, followed by “Stay on These Roads, East of the Sun”, and “West of the Moon”. After the commercially disappointing Memorial Beach, the band went on hiatus.

In 1998, Harket re-joined his a-ha comrades to play at the Nobel Peace Prize performance. A-ha has produced four studio albums and various compilations since 1998.

Following that, sixteen more albums were released, including A-final ha’s collection, Ending on a High Note, in 2011.

Harket pursued a solo career in between A-ha projects, releasing four albums, the most recent in 2008. 

Despite extensive touring and record releases, Harket and A-ha were never able to replicate “Take on Mesuccess” in the United States. 

The song was sampled by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera in their 2012 single “Feel This Moment.” A-ha reformed in 2015, releasing the album Cast in Steel and going on tour around the world.

The band performed for MTV Unplugged in their home country in June 2017. That September, the performance was released as a live album, and the acoustic version of “Take On Me” was included on the soundtrack of the Hollywood film Deadpool 2.

Morten Harket’s Personal Life

Morten was previously married to Camilla Malmquist. In 1987, he began dating Camilla. After two years of dating, the pop star married her in 1989.

The couple had three children: Jakob Harket (b. 1989), Jonathan Harket (b. 1990), and Anna Harket (b.1993). 

Harket’s 10-year marriage to Camilla ended in divorce in 1998. He has two more daughters from his two relationships after his divorce from his wife.

His ex-girlfriend, Anne Mette Undlien, gave birth to their daughter Henny in 2003.

Since 2006, the Norwegian superstar has been in a relationship with his partner, Inez Anderson. He and his longtime partner have a daughter, Karmen Poppy, who was born on September 7, 2008.

How Does Morten Harket Make His Money?

His primary sources of income from which he has amassed $61 million are as follows:

  • Earning as a Singer
  • Earnings as a Songwriter

Morten Harket Social Media Accounts

Morten Harket’s Music Albums

  • Poetenes Evangelium – 1993
  • Wild Seed – 1995
  • Vogts Villa – 1996
  • Letter from Egypt – 2008
  • Out of My Hands – 2012
  • Brother – 2014

Morten Harket’s Singles

  • “A Kind of Christmas Card” – 1995
  • “Spanish Steps” – 1996
  • “Los Angeles” – 1996
  • “Heaven’s Not for Saints (Let It Go)” – 1996
  • “Tilbake Til Livet” – 1996
  • “Herre I Drømmen” – 1996
  • “Jungle of Beliefs” – 1999
  • “A Jester in Our Town” – 1999
  • “Kamilla og Sebastian” – 2002
  • “Gildas Prayer” – 2004
  • “Kamilla og Tyven” (Remix) – 2005
  • “Movies” – 2007
  • “Darkspace (You’re with Me)” – 2008
  • “We’ll Never Speak Again” – 2008
  • “Lightning” – 2012
  • “Scared of Heights” – 2012
  • “I’m the One” – 2012
  • “Burn Money Burn” – 2012
  • “There Is a Place” – 2013
  • “Brother” – 2014
  • “Do You Remember Me?” – 2014

Major Career Highlights

  • In A-ha’s song “Summer Moved On,” Harket held a note for 20.2 seconds, which is thought to be the longest note in UK chart history.
  • The Take on Mevideo took four months to complete and cost approximately $200,000 to produce. It made A-ha famous, and the awards began to pour in. Eight MTV Video Music Awards were given to the video in 1986, including Best New Artist, Best Direction, Best Concept Video, and Viewer’s Choice.
  • Harket is one of the most popular pop singers. He was also among the few celebrities born in Norway.
  • The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav is bestowed upon those who have rendered distinguished service to their country and humanity.
  • Morten Harket is well-known for his vocal range, which some claim spans five octaves.
  • A-ha made history by becoming the first Norwegian act to chart in the United States. 
  • He set the record for the longest single note held by a man in a recording in 2000. Harket broke the record in 2000 when he held a note for 20.2 seconds on the song “Summer Moved On.”
  • Harket appeared as the Viking in the second series of the British version of The Masked Singer in January 2021.

Morten Harket’s Famous Quotes

“I love just being in the sphere of nothingness looking inwards.” 

Morten Harket

“You can love someone and not like them.”

Morten Harket

“Fun is only possible if you have a mindset that allows it.”

Morten Harket

“Just to be spontaneous and free is life’s biggest luxury and privilege when life is so busy.”

Morten Harket

3 Success Lessons From Morten Harket

  • Success is the most difficult thing to have because it appears to tell people who you are. However, it does not.
  • You will perish if you are at odds with yourself.
  • Do things that you believe in.


Morten Harket was one of the 1980s’ biggest pop heartthrobs, and he’s still making music with a-ha decades later.

The Norwegian superstar and his band a-ha dominated the charts with megahits such as “Take on Me”, “The Sun Always Shines on TV”, and the James Bond theme “The Living Daylights.”

I hope Morten Harket’s success story motivates you to persevere no matter how challenging the situation is. As per recent updates, his estimated net worth in 2022 is $61 million.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Morten Harket, such as age, weight, height, biography, wife, etc…

What Is Morten Harket’s Age?

Morten Harket was born on September 14, 1959, and is currently 63 years old.

Where Was Morten Harket Born?

Morten Harket was born in Kongsberg, Norway.

Is Morten Harket Married?

No, Morten was married to his ex-wife Camilla Malmquist from 1989 to 1998. He is in a relationship with Inez Anderson.

What Is Morten Harket’s Net Worth?

Morten Harket’s net worth as of 2022 is $61 million.

What Is Morten Harket’s Height?

Morten Harket stands 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

What Is Morten Harket’s Monthly Salary?

Morten Harket’s monthly salary is more than $1 million.

What Is Morten Harket’s Annual Salary?

Morten Harket’s annual salary exceeds $15 million.

(PS: This is not the exact net worth of Morten Harket. The info is gathered from a variety of high-quality web sources).

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