11 Success Lessons From Mel Robbins Real Life Experience

Affirm it Every Morning To Change Your Life

Do you know Mel Robbins is one of the most booked motivational speakers? 

She has inspired many with her words. 

Life wasn’t easy for her. She had her own percent of struggles. And that’s how she got her life lessons. Hence, Mel Robbins‘ life lessons have the most practical approach. 

Even her best-sellers are not ordinary, everyday self-help books. They are crafted in such a way that grabs the readers’ attention. Definitely should be added to your collection. 

With all her achievements, I am quite curious about her rules & tips. 

I have collected the 11 Mel Robbins success lessons. These 11 success rules will definitely bring a new turn to your life. 

Let’s get started…!

1. One Should Have a Sharp Critical Thinking 

The first and foremost step to becoming successful is to think critically. This is very crucial when you want to achieve your goals. As well as reach your potential. 

One should be a master at visualization. It is one of the most powerful skills of humankind. 

Manifest the positive things. Look forward to better outcomes. This will keep you motivated. This is basic psychology. The constant negative thoughts will affect your body as well. And you won’t have the energy to work on your goals. 

But be practical at the same time. Not seeing reality and dreaming blindly won’t do any good. Rather it will fail in the long run. 

2. Follow The 5 Seconds Rule

This Mel Robbins success lesson is beautifully jotted in her book “The 5 Second Rule”. This method changed her life, and so will yours. Now she teaches the same rule to millions. 

There is a five-second window for all of us. These 5 seconds will push you or pull you down. This is the time span when you either work on your goals or give lame excuses. 

Whenever you feel lazy, count backward from 5 to 1. And upon one, jump to action. So these 5 seconds will determine your entire life path. 

3. How You Start Your Morning Determines How Your Day Goes

Yes, you heard it right. Morning routine determines a lot of things. 

You must have heard many motivational speakers saying this. Because this has been scientifically proven. 

It doesn’t matter when you get up in the morning. It depends on how you get up. 

A routine refresh is a must-do for a successful life. Hence, you must have a morning routine. If you don’t have a routine, your entire day will get clumsy. 

So before you hit the bed the previous night, at least sort out the priority list. Don’t wake up confused and irritated. 

4. Slow Down, Don’t Overspeed 

Mel Robbins said in one of her videos that whenever she felt burnt out, she used to accelerate things. She wanted to speed up everything. And all this came out of her anxiety

Moving quickly made her feel that she might just reach her goal somehow. But she says this shouldn’t be the case. 

You cannot gain control by speeding up. The only way to gain control is by slowing down. 

Don’t jump around and try to put everything under your control. Calm down and relax. You can’t just put everything under your umbrella. 

5. Take Out Time for Yourself 

This should just get etched in your mind. We just cannot emphasize this enough. Having a “Me-Time” is very important while achieving goals. 

You devote every time to one thing or another. But lose out time for yourself. Start investing yourself. Mel Robbins’ success lessons give us the following tips:

  • Turn off social media for a few days. 
  • Cancel meetings if you can. 
  • Stay away from the phone. 
  • Don’t interact with people for a few days. 
  • Enjoy nature. 
  • Take deep breaths. 
  • Take a healthy diet and exercise to stay fit & Healthy. 
  • Make a bucket or to-do list. 
  • Start taking action for the pending tasks.

6. It’s Never Too Late To Achieve Your Goals 

Our life is like those chapters in storybooks. Some are boring, some are hard to understand and some are easy to get through. 

As Mel Robbins said, “Here’s the greatest things about life. You don’t have to know where this next chapter is going. You just have to start writing it. Start saying Yes, and avoid saying No”.

Ask yourself, “what do you want from life? Where do you see yourself in the future? What condition do you wish for yourself?” 

It’s never too late for your dreams. They are just one decision away. It’s okay if you just started your career or have 30 years of experience. 

This is the moment to write your next chapter. You are not too late. You are right on time.” 

7. Learn To Forgive. Let It Go.

Forgiveness is not only an act or gesture but also a muscle practice. It is such a skill that you need to keep practicing. 

Once you understand the power of forgiveness, you will continue enjoying the act.

Forgiveness means, according to Mel Robbins: 

You are no longer torturing yourself over what happened. You are no longer making yourself wrong. You are no longer wishing it was different.”

The power of forgiveness is to move on in your mind. And to have your heart heal. If you don’t forgive, you are going to feel physically and mentally ill. 

Before forgiving others, remember to forgive yourself first

8. Use Your Insecurity To Your Advantage 

In the era of social media, it has become a regular thing to be insecure. Instead of getting entertained, we start comparing ourselves. 

Your insecurities will never leave you. They will just level up. But remember, your low self-esteem is trying to tell you something via these emotions. 

This is your signal of growing up. It tells you that you have the desire to level up. If you don’t get these uncomfortable feelings, you won’t step up doing anything. 

Acknowledge your insecurities and see what it is trying to tell you. And work on them. The fire inside you will keep you moving. Instead of beating yourself down, channel this energy towards something better. 

9. Change Your “Toxic” Perception. 

Most of the time, toxic people don’t realize they are being toxic. They keep pushing your buttons. Or triggering you every now and then. 

Toxic behavior is easy to recognize in other people. But it’s almost impossible to recognize it in ourselves. 

Now, let’s change the perspective a little bit. There is no such thing as a toxic person. Yes, you heard it right. 

It’s time to stop calling “people” toxic. It’s not the person who is toxic. But it’s their behavior that is toxic. What makes a behavior toxic is when it crosses a boundary for “you”.

And you get to decide what is toxic and what is not. When you focus on boundaries rather than people, you can draw boundaries everywhere in your life. 

Boundaries are rules for people towards you.” 

10. Nurture The Greatest Skill of Humanity: Confidence

This has to be one of the best Mel Robbins success lessons

Confidence is the willingness to try. Anchor your confidence in action. Even a person loving or believing themselves the most can lose confidence. 

As Mel Robbins said:

I believe that when you are willing to try even when you doubt yourself, the act of moving through your doubts and fears is what is real confidence.” 

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A person starts believing in themselves when they overcome their personal obstacles. And that’s the seed of confidence. This life skill will help you rely on yourself. 

The whole point of life is growing. And when you have this weapon, you don’t need to worry about others. 

11. Stop Bothering About People’s Opinions. Stop Being So Perfect. 

It is high time that you need to stop pretending. You have to cease showing off that you have everything sorted. And this happens due to people’s opinions. 

You tend to show Yourself perfectly. Everyone has their own journey. We are all different. Everyone is figuring out how to be themselves. 

Stop giving a sh*t to what people think.” 

We often hide the things we struggle with. Life becomes so much easier when you stop trying to look perfect. We are all human. 

It’s very liberating just to be authentic. Don’t be ashamed of your hard work. What makes you human is being able to talk about these hardships. 


Mel Robbins has the power to change your mind. No wonder she is one of the top motivational speakers in the world

Her words have strength. And so do her life lessons. Hence, we couldn’t help but dig into her success stories and tips. 

If you haven’t read Mel Robins books, you need to today. Start with “The 5 Second Rule.” Many successful people have followed this method. And it actually works. 

Just push yourself towards betterment. 

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