Lyn Alden Net Worth investor (Updated 2022)

What is Lyn Alden’s Net worth

Net Worth$4.8 million
Source of WealthInvestor, writer, engineer 
Last Updated2022

Lyn Alden, also known as Lyn Alden Schwartzer is an American Investor, investor strategist, Engineer, and Author. As of 2022, she has accumulated a net worth of $4.8 million. She is best known for her investment researchs. 

Alden has written two books based on “Financial Modeling” and “Engineering Economics”. She is the founder of “Alden Investment Strategy”. Where she publishes her research work. 

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Early Life & Education

Lyn Alden’s real name is Lyn Alden Schwartzer. She was born in America and has completed her degree in the Bachelors of Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. While she has also pursued her Master’s in Engineering Management from Rowan University.

When she was a child, she was left homeless for years. During elementary school, she and her mother lived in homeless shelters, sometimes at the motels or in cars. They used to get washed up in the public washrooms.

Her life changed when she went to live with her father, she grew up there and moved out at the age of 18. Her father did not have much money which is why she had to rely on the student loans and the part-time work she used to do.


Lyn Alden started her career as an intern and then she worked as an electrical engineer in an aviation facility. 

After working for decades from being an intern to a lead engineer and taking care of the finances. She started her market and investment research company named Alden Investment Strategy in 2016

Which used to help her in focusing on the market and also the research related to investments.

Before she started her investment firm, she used to work with William J. Hughes at the technical Center as the Technical Lead, which led to her being an Electronics Engineer for about twelve years.

After her Engineering, she also started writing and has written two books related to finance, namely “Stock Delver” and “Option Weaver”.

She currently runs a website (Alden Investment Strategy). where she publishes her investment research for institutional investors and retail investors.

Her work has been featured in several media such as Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Time’s Money Magazine, Marketwatch, the Huffington Post, CNBC, and many more…

She has also appeared in several podcasts and shows including The Investor’s Podcast Network, What Bitcoin Did, Real Vision, Macro Voices, and many more…Alden also serves as a consultant and advisor to start-ups and other companies. 

Personal Life

Lyn Alden’s life has been tough as a child but with time and a lot of hard work, she got through all the hard times.

Lyn is a married woman but there is not much information about her spouse or her parents. Moreover, she started her website and has been featured in the High Profiles on CNBC, Business Insider, and Nasdaq too. 

She has also been a guest on the youtube channel of the real estate expert named George Gammon.

How Does Lyn Alden Make Money?

There are a few ways that Lyn Alden has made her fortune, this includes: 

  • Earnings as an investor.
  • Earnings as a writer.
  • Earnings as an engineer.

Lyn Alden Media Accounts

Lyn Alden Biography/ Wikipedia

Real NameLyn Alden
Famous NameLyn Alden Schwartzer
Age34 years
BookStock Delver, Option Weaver
Weight50 kgs (approx.)  
Height5 ft 6 inches
Married StatusMarried
HusbandName not known
Net Worth$ 4.8 million
ProfessionInvestor, Writer, Engineering

Success Lessons From Lyn Alden

  • Make enough money to “make an impact” (she adds that each person must define “impact” for himself).
  • Set away a particular quantity of money for savings.
  • Invest in a well-diversified portfolio. 


Lyn Alden is a popular American Engineer, Writer, and Investor. Her childhood has been tough and she went through a lot of hard times.

She owns a website of hers and has even written two books that are based on finance and economics.

I hope you gained some motivation from the life and success of Lyn Alden. As per recent updates, her net worth rounds up somewhere around $4.8 million.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions asked about Lyn Alden. Such as her age, biography, height, wife, weight, boyfriend, etc…

What does Lyn Alden do for her living?

Lyn Alden is a popular Engineer, Writer, and Investor.

Where was Lyn Alden born?

Lyn Alden is an American-born woman.

What is Lyn Alden’s marital status?

Lyn Alden is married to an Egyptian man, the name of whom is unknown.

What is Lyn Alden’s Age?

Lyn Alden is 34 years old. Though her date of birth is not disclosed in the public domain.

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