Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

How Much is Linus Tech Tips Net Worth?

Net Worth$35 Million
EntityYoutube Channel
Owned ByLinus Sebastian
Channel Created OnNovember 25, 2008
Latest Update2021

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth

Linus Tech Tips Net Worth is $35 Million as per the latest update…!

(This is not the exact net worth. But approximately close to it or even more)


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What is Linus Tech Tips?

Linus Tech Tips is a YouTube channel that creates content related to consumer technology. The channel is owned by Linus Sebastian. He is a Canadian Youtube personality and the founder of Linus Media Group, under which he runs his youtube channels.

The channel upload videos related to step by step computer build guide, tech product reviews, Unboxing, and all other tech-focused projects. They do it with the purpose to inform and educate people through entertaining videos.

Other than Linus Tech Tips, Sebastian also runs a few more channels with pretty good subscribers. They are Techquickie, ShortCircuit, TechLinked, Channel Super Fun, Carpool Critics, LMG Clips, and Mac Address. Collectively his channel has 20 million subscribers.

He is the face of all of his channels. Linus Tech Tips is one of the biggest technology youtube channels.

How much Does Linus Tech Tips Earn From YouTube?

The Channel Linus Tech Tips Individually has more than 14 million subscribers and is still growing. 

As you know Sebastian has many more successful channels but this channel makes the most profitable among all. 

The channel Started on November 25, 2008, with 5 billion views till now. The channel has got more than 3.2 million views per day. 

And by estimated calculation, it makes $25000 per day that is $9 million per year. 

Apart from youtube ads the channel earns higher income from paid promotion and endorsements. 

His company Linus Media Group earns money from many different sources. For which one of the major sources of income is through the Linus Tech Tips channel.

Here in this video, Sebastian has given some honest answers about how his company makes money?

Linus Tech Tips Evolution Journey

Linus Tech Tips other Social Platform


So now that you know about Linus Tech Tips youtube channel. If you are inspired by the way they are growing and earning. You can grab some success lessons from the channels and Linus Sebastian.

Linus Tech Tips is one of the biggest Tech channels and there must be something that you can learn from them. So go follow it and execute it into your process.

As Sebastian says “Do what I am saying, not what I am doing”

Also according to the recent updates, Linus Tech Tips Net Worth is $35 Million…!

P.S: I wrote this article with a clear intention to have an impact on your life, Specially for youtube content creators. To change yourself and have a successful life. 

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