10 Best Les Brown Books You Must Read

Amazing books by Les Brown That Will Give You The Motivation You Need!

Motivational speakers are a key aspect of everyone’s life as they encourage us to look at things from a different perspective. They not only help us understand our abilities but also how to tap into those abilities to become productive and have a fruitful outcome. 

They do this by giving personal, real-life examples from their own life. Les Brown is one of the most popular motivational speakers. Brown had a hard life. He was not the brightest kid in school. He was raised by a foster mother as his mother could not raise him. 

His foster mother always provided him with inspiration and motivation. She also did manual jobs to raise Brown. He was a spontaneous upstanding guy, who worked hard at any job he took. He was also a politician and has been recognized for his excellent speaking skills. 

He has published many books. He has been known to have mastered the art of perfect writing by being the author of some very captivating books. The main goal of his books is to motivate people in their businesses and also in their day-to-day lives. He does that by being empathetic towards his audience.

Above everything else, Brown is a cancer survivor who has taken his hardships and turned them into positive success.

10 Best Les Brown Books That Will Keep You Motivated

Les Brown is one of the most popular motivational speakers of our time. Below are the 10 Les Brown Books you must read to get the motivation you seek. 

1. Live Your Dreams

Live your Dreams, is a motivational book where Les Brown provides the reader with a systematic way, from chapter to chapter, of how one has to put their dreams above everything.

It’s not just any motivational book, it is a captivating journal of ideas that will inspire you to not just follow your dreams but also how to go about them.

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2. It’s Not Over Until You Win: How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be No Matter What the Obstacle

It’s Not Over Until You Win offers a powerful and inspirational road map to help people overcome any obstacle in their lives.

Les Brown’s life is a great example of how he rose above all the pain and hardships in his life and managed to find the motivation to keep going!

It’s said to be a sure-fire empowerment guidebook that will help anyone to take their lives to a higher level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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3. Up Thoughts for Down Times: Encouraging Words for Getting Through Life

What is the difference between people who can find inspiration from everywhere compared to people who are always skeptical? How do people achieve their dreams? What’s the secret of achieving our goals and taking advantage of our abilities? Les Brown addresses each of these questions in ‘Up Thoughts for Down Times.’ 

He provides the reader with current examples and how to live without regrets. He has very efficiently written chapters that reassure the reader that even unbearable circumstances aren’t the end of the road, and we can still find our way to move forward. 

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4. Fight For Your Dreams

Another spectacularly written book, that provides insight through 31 inspiring true stories of people just like you who overcame the odds, difficult experiences, and years of self-doubt to fulfill their dreams. 

This book will not only give you the motivation you need to get up and start working towards your dreams but also clear all your doubts and will empower you to get back up and fight for your dreams until you are finally living them.

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5. Mastering the Art of Success

Mastering the Art of success features 15 Highly Successful Authors like Lawson Pilgrim, Jack Canfield, and Les Brown. This book talks about the traditional method of working hard to achieve your goals and accepting that learning is a lifelong process.

Some of the topics talked about in this book are: 

  • The Secret is you, 
  • How to find a mentor and believe in your dreams, 
  • How to gain prosperity through your personality, 
  • How to strategically plan for success, 
  • How to stretch and push yourself to reach further, 
  • How to Power-up Peak Executive Performance and many more.

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6. You’ve Got To Be Hungry

The recently released book, “You’ve Got to be Hungry” has received amazing feedback from around the world. It is a book about being hungry enough to achieve only the best and working towards it.

It gives a personal example of Les Brown’s hardships and adversities he faced and how he overcame them. How he was motivated and what got him back on the horse to achieve his goals.

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7. The Greatness Within You: Believe in Yourself and Discover Your Potential 

Les Brown has years of experience in motivational speaking and mastering the art of perfect writing. He came up with this book that will inspire you to tap into the hidden talents and abilities within yourselves.

It’s a guide to achieving happiness and the influence you have that is lying dormant, just waiting to be unleashed. Les, like all his previous works, is ready to bring out the best in you with this book.

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8. Ignite The Hunger In You

Another recent addition to Les Brown’s plethora of best-selling books comes,” Ignite the Hunger in You”. This book is the brainchild of Les Brown and JB Owen, who have come together with 35 phenomenal authors to give us an inspiration-packed book. , 

This book takes re-life stories of people who had the hunger to go after their dreams. Obstacles are part of life, but it’s on your hunger to make them possible? So, do you have what it takes? 

Use lessons in this book to Ignite the Hunger in You. Everyone has the potential to be great, you just have to be hungry enough.

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9. Laws of Success

Laws of Success take us through the journey of 12 Laws that can turn dreams into reality. The premise of this book is to motivate you to unleash your greatness!

By following just these 12 Laws you can achieve your goals and get motivated to work hard to turn your dreams into reality.  

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10. The Courage to Live Your Dreams

Les Brown’s method of motivating people has always been the most efficient. This is a book about committing to becoming an active force in your life. 

You are what brings your life meaning and only you can change its direction towards greatness with hard work and determination. Having the courage to dream is the beginning of achieving the dream.

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We all want to achieve great things in our lives. That can only be achieved if we are motivated enough to work towards making our dreams come true. That is exactly what Les Brown makes his readers feel. He has a way of getting through to you and he will surely provide you with the inspiration and motivation you have been seeking. 

Grab one of Les Brown’s books today and make a positive change in your life!


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