Free-Agency Rumors: Kyrie Irving’s Trade Talks With The Brooklyn Nets Face A Harsh Reality Check From The Los Angeles Lakers

Contrary to popular belief, the Brooklyn Nets do not have many suitors for Kyrie Irving. Only the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be interested in the veteran guard.

On Saturday, Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium reported that Irving has “several suitors,” including the Dallas Mavericks and the Philadelphia 76ers.

However, according to an earlier report, the Sixers only had internal discussions about potentially trading for Kyrie and never met with the Nets.

Nick Wright of FOX Sports confirmed this, stating that the “Lakers are the Nets’ only current suitor.”

“Not sure what’s been reported elsewhere this morning, but I can report definitively that the Sixers are not and have not been engaged in trade talks for Kyrie this offseason,” he tweeted.

“There’s no appetite for him in Philly. That is not good news for Brooklyn.”

The Lakers’ interest is unsurprising given that they have been linked to Kyrie Irving since a potential sign-and-trade deal was floated and investigated.

When the Purple and Gold were unable to acquire Kyrie through a sign-and-trade, the playmaker exercised his option with the team.

Although it was expected that Irving would remain in Brooklyn and enter free agency next year, Kevin Durant demanded a trade. This cast doubt on Kyrie’s future, further paving the way for his departure.

Unfortunately, as Nick Wright says, there does not appear to be much interest in Irving.

Perhaps other teams are waiting to see what happens with KD before making a move for Kyrie, but the outlook on the Kyrie trade front isn’t looking good right now.

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