The 10 Most Fantastic Kevin Feige Movies You Must Watch

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Are you tired of scrolling through Netflix to make your Movie list? 

Well, then. You are at the right place. Because I have the perfect list for you. 

Today, we are going to pick Kevin Feige. 

Yes, the man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because this week calls for some action. 

Well, you might think that he had it easy throughout. But no, he did not.

Did you know he used to wash cars for a living? Now he has reached the billion-dollar mark. 

Since Kevin Feige was a child, he knew he wanted to go into the Entertainment industry. His inspirations: action toys, comic books, and of course, movies. 

No wonder, he creates such wonders now. 

So, without further ado, let’s see what we have in our collection. 

The 10 Best Kevin Feign Movies list 

Below, I have prepared a list of the 10 most fantastic Kevin Feige Films that you must-watch. And let me emphasize this again, you must watch.

I have given small descriptions of the movies so that you know what you are getting into.

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1. Iron Man (2008)

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is a rich businessman and genius scientist performing weapons testing overseas. And out of nowhere, he is kidnapped by terrorists who compel him to create a terrible weapon. 

Instead, he constructs an armored suit and overthrows his captors. When Stark returns to America, he improves the suit and utilizes it to battle extremism and violence.

Where can you watch: Prime Videos, Apple TV, Disney+

2. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is eager for a solution for the gamma radiation that tainted his cells and transformed him into The Hulk

Torn apart from his romantic happiness Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) and forced into hiding from his antagonist, Gen. 

Banner soon faces a new threat: a highly strong foe known as The Abomination (Tim Roth).

Where can you watch: Prime Videos, Apple TV

3. Thor (2011)

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will shortly inherit the throne of Asgard from his elderly father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Odin is the monarch of the Norse gods.

 But, on the day of his coronation, Thor reacts brutally. When the Frost Giants, the gods’ adversaries, approach the palace in breach of their contract.

Odin exiles Thor to Earth as a penance. 

Thor’s brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) causes havoc in Asgard. On the other hand, Thor has been bereft of his abilities, confronting his greatest challenge.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Disney+, Apple TV.

4. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

The year is 1941, and the world is at war. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wishes to do his bit by joining America’s armed services. But the military turns him down due to his tiny height.

Eventually, Steve gets his opportunity when he is admitted into an experimental program that transforms him into Captain America, a supersoldier.

Captain America, together with Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), leads the struggle against the Nazi-backed HYDRA organization.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Disney+, Apple TV. 

5. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Left by his parents and nurtured by an aunt and uncle, adolescent Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), AKA Spider-Man. Is attempting to figure out who he is. And what he feels for his first infatuation, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). 

When Peter uncovers his father’s strange case, he seeks to solve the loss of his parents. 

His quest took him into Oscorp and Dr. Curt Connors’s (Rhys Ifans) laboratory, placing the alter ego on a war footing.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Apple TV.

6. Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

Thor’s wicked brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), obtains entrance to the limitless power of the Tesseract energy cube. 

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), director of S.H.I.E.L.D., launches a heroic recruiting drive to combat the catastrophic threat to Earth.

Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Hawkeye join Fury’s “dream squad“.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Disney+. 

7. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

After stealing an orb sought after by Ronan, a deadly villain, brash space explorer Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) finds himself the target of persistent bounty hunters.

To avoid Ronan, Quill must form an unholy truce with four misfits. The firearm Rocket Raccoon, the branching Groot, the mysterious Gamora, and the revengeful Drax the Destroyer.

When Quill realizes the orb’s full power and the existential threat it poses, he unites a motley crew to rescue the universe.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Disney+, Apple TV.

8. Ant Man (2015)

Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) hires Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a skilled thief just released from jail. After being forced out of his firm by former protégé Darren Cross. 

Lang transforms and becomes Ant-Man after being taught by Pym and outfitted with a suit. 

This suit enables him to reduce in size, exhibit superhuman strength, and command an army of ants. 

The small hero must utilize his new abilities to stop Cross, also known as Yellowjacket, from developing the same technology and exploiting it for evil.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Disney+, Apple TV. 

9. Doctor Strange (2016)

Dr. Stephen Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) life is altered when he loses the use of his hands in a vehicle accident.

When orthodox treatment fails him, he seeks health and hope in an enigmatic enclave. 

He soon discovers that the enclave is at the forefront of a fight against hidden evil powers intent on killing reality. 

Strange is soon forced to choose among his life of riches and prestige. And his duty to safeguard the world as the most formidable sorcerer in history.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Disney+, Apple TV.

10. Black Panther (2018)

T’Challa goes home to the African country of Wakanda after his father’s death to claim his rightful place as king. 

As a formidable foe comes out of nowhere, T’Challa’s integrity as king – and as Black Panther – is pushed to the limit. When he is pulled into a battle that threatens the fate of Wakanda and the whole globe. 

In the face of deceit and peril, the young king must gather his friends and unleash the full force of Black Panther. 

To destroy his enemies and guarantee the safety of his people.

Where to watch: Prime Videos, Disney+, Apple TV.


Sounds like a perfect weekend? You might or might not have watched them. 

But binge-watching the whole Marvel series is a treat to self. 

So, grab your popcorn and make your weekend worth it. 


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