Kelly Slater Net Worth

How Much is Kelly Slater Worth?

Net Worth$25 Million
BornFebruary 11, 1972
Country OriginUnited State of America
Source of WealthProfessional Surfer
Last Updated2021

Kelly Slater Net Worth

Kelly Slater Net Worth is $25 Million as per the latest update…

(This is not the exact net worth. But approximately close to it or even more)


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Kelly Slater is a professional surfer from America. He is best known for his 11 times wins in the world surfing championship. 

He is one of the greatest Professional surfers of all time. 

He has also played a role in many films and television shows. He is also an avid Golfer and practices Jiu-Jitsu.

Early Life

Kelly Slater’s real name is Robert Kelly Slater. He was born on February 11, 1972, in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA. He was born to Stephen Slater and Judy Moriarity

He grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He has two brothers Stephen and Sean, and a daughter Taylor.

He grew up near the beach and started surfing at the age of five. He started to win age division events by the age of 10.

In 1984 he won his first United State Championship, age division. After two years in the World Amateur Championship, in London, he finished in third position. 

The following year he won the Junior Pacific Cup Championship in Australia. 

In 1990, he started his professional surfer journey.


He started his surfing competition at the age of 18 years. He participated in a major surfing league and won, U.S Open of Surfing, Quiksilver Pro, Billabong Tahiti Pro, and Australian Opens.

In 2013, he got ranked at number 2 in the World Surf League Championship. Becoming the youngest surfer to win the World Surf League Championship.

Apart from Surfing, he has appeared in many films. His first film was “Surfers” and the first sponsored funded film was “Black and White” in 1990.

Kelly has appeared in more than 40 surfer-related films and also worked in a famous TV series called “Baywatch”. 

He also loves music and has appeared in a few musical band concerts. 

In 2003, he released his autobiography named Pipe Dream.

Slater is also a co-founder of a clothing company called “Outerknown” based on selling eco-friendly products. He also founded a beverage company called “Purps.

He also owned a man-made Waves creating a company called “Kelly Slater Waves Company”.

Kelly Slater’s major source of income is through his companies, surfing, and films.

Kelly Slater Books

  • Pipe Dreams: A Surfer Journey
  • Kelly Slater: For the Love

Kelly Slater Social Profile

Kelly Slater Famous Quotes

Motivation is temporary. Inspiration is permanent.

Kelly Slater

It’s all about where your mind’s at

Kelly Slater

Whatever I’ve ever set my mind to, I could accomplish.

Kelly Slater

I still feel like my super-best surfing is ahead of me.

Kelly Slater

4 Success lessons From Kelly Slater

Think Big

Whatever you think you become. So let’s think big and achieve our goals.

Desire to Win

You should always have that burning desire to win. In your life and your profession. That will lead to success.

Find Inspiration

Find someone who inspires you. Find your mentor. It can be anything or anyone that can inspire you to grow in your life.

Work With Like-Minded People

Your circle decides who you are and who you will become. Surround yourself with like-minded people and you will see the grown in your life. Your environment matters a lot in shaping your habits and growth patterns.

Kelly Slater Motivational Video


Kelly Slater is the greatest professional surfer of all time. He has won 11 times the Surfer world championship. There are so many things to learn and get inspired from him.

I hope you have got some valuable lessons and you are going to execute them in your life.

Also as per the recent updates, Kelly Slater Net Worth $25 Million…!

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