Jonah Hill And Seth Rogen Are Both Blondes At The Moment, And All’s Well With The World

Seth Rogen and Jonah Hills, the Blonde Brothers

The overwhelming human urge to bleach hair at some point in our lives is immaculate. For celebrities, that seems especially true.

Almost everyone in Hollywood has gone platinum blonde at least once, including stars like Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, Kanye West, and David Beckham.

Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, two “Superbad” celebrities, can now be added to the list of “cool dudes with bleached hair.”

Hill has been riding the platinum trend for quite some time now. He was on the cover of GQ Style just a year ago, with his bleached hair slicked back. His gorgeously blonde hair has changed from being long and flowing to being short and trimmed, and yet it looks great.

Let’s not forget about the summer he rocked neon pink, swinging for the fences. Hill’s newest grown-up buzz cut, though, feels especially perfect at this time of year.

It is more notable for Rogen to go bleached blonde. This week, he appeared at an event in Los Angeles sporting the new hair.

Thankfully, Rogen’s spectacles and pants stop it from going there, despite the oversized T-shirt and the buzzed blonde cut’s deadly proximity.

The Canadian also went full-on Californian with the ensemble, sporting clothes from two LA-based brands: a boxy pocket tee from General Admission and slippers from Fear of God.

Going blonde for the summer as two Southern Californian men is not particularly unique. But is it just a coincidence that two Judd Apatow camp movie stars are going blonde at the same time? We’ll take whatever we can get because there may never be a Superbad sequel.

Hill and Rogen have both evolved into fashionable, artistic guys as they have transitioned from humorous everymen to Hollywood powerhouses.

To put it simply, the guys are always able to dress and look exactly how they want to.

When it comes to enhancing your overall appearance, sometimes that means wearing droopy designer suits, and sometimes it means getting bleached blonde hair.

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