Georgia Goodman Net Worth 2022 (Updated)

What’s Georgia Goodman’s net worth?

Net Worth$5-8 Million
BornSeptember 25
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
Source of WealthBritish actress, producer, and director
Last Updated2022

Georgia Goodman is a well-known British actress, producer, and director. As of now, she has managed a net worth of around $5-8 Million. 

She is known for several acting gigs like The Sandman (2022), Angel has Fallen (2019), Extinction (2018), and Master of None (2021). 

Her upcoming movies are The Infernal Machine (2022), and Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022).

Besides this, she is known for directing multiple short films and movies like Identity (2016), Big Dreams (2011), and others.

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Georgia Goodman Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameGeorgette Pham Nhu Pallard
Known AsGeorgia Goodman 
Birth DateSeptember 25
Age Not Known 
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight75 kgs
Marital StatusUnknown 
Spouse Unknown
Net Worth$5-8 Million
ProfessionActor, Producer, Director

Georgia Goodman’s Early Life And Education 

Georgia Goodman’s real name is Georgette Pham Nhu Pallard. She was born on September 25 in London, United Kingdom. Although there’s no news about her parents yet, she had a beautiful childhood.

She always had a passion for acting and enrolled herself in a local acting school before transferring to a theatre for more advanced training.

She spent several years honing her acting skills at the theatre, where she received early recognition for her outstanding performances in numerous plays and tragedies.

How Did Georgia Goodman Start Her Career?

Georgia Goodman made her television debut in 1988 as Maya in the drama television series “MacGyver.” Her work in the series was impressive and it was commercially successful as well. 

Other than this, she has worked and appeared as a major cast in several TV series and web productions as Booker (1990), Ultraviolet (1998), Teacup Travels (2016), Patrick Melrose (2018), Obsession: Dark Desires (2019), and many more.

She made her acting debut in the comedy-drama film “Paradise Grove” directed by Charles Harris in 2003 as Carolina, a supporting character.

She became more well-known as a film actress in 2013 as a result of her outstanding performance as Olivia Ball in Elizabeth Lockard‘s drama short “Stuffed with Love.”

It was widely praised by critics and even nominated for several prizes.

Georgia Goodman is a writer, director, and producer in addition to an actress. She has produced a few films, television shows, and short films, including Big Dreams (2011), Identity (2016), and The Writer’s Circle (2012).

She’s planning to produce several films and television programs in the coming days that will star prominent international talent.

In 2022, she made an appearance as Sister Bernadette in the action-adventure film Uncharted. Along with Tom Holland, Alana Boden, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and many others…!

Georgia Goodman’s Personal Life

There is no history of her dating. I cannot find much information about her personal life in the public domain. 

How Does Georgia Goodman Make Money?

The primary sources through which Georgia Goodman makes money include:

  • Earnings as a writer
  • Earnings as a producer 
  • Earnings as an actor

Georgia Goodman Social Media Handles

Georgia Goodman Filmography/ Films

  • Upcoming: The Infernal Machine 
  • 2022: Jeepers Creepers: Reborn 
  • 2022: Uncharted 
  • 2019: Angel Has Fallen 
  • 2019: Hanna 
  • 2018: Extinction 
  • 2018: Patrick Melrose 
  • 2011: Homeland 
  • 2006: Children of Men 
  • 1987: 21 Jump Street 

Georgia Goodman Famous Quotes

“Never mind that the long term is a series of short terms, or that in the long run we are all dead. The phrases “patient investor” and “long-term appreciation” ring with the virtues of capitalist ethos.”

Georgia Goodman

“All is one.” 

Georgia Goodman

Success Lessons From Georgia Goodman

  • Treat everyone as the same no matter what “tier” of the society they come from.
  • Work hard for the things you wish.


Georgia Goodman is a well-known British actress, producer, and director. She is known for several acting gigs like The Sandman (2022), Angel Has Fallen (2019), Extinction (2018), Captain Phillips (2013), and Master of None (2021). 

Besides this, she is known for directing multiple short films and movies like Identity (2016), Big Dreams (2011), and others.

I hope that Georgia Goodman’s success story inspires you to follow your passions and work extra hard. 

As per recent reports, the net worth is Georgia Goodman is $5-8 million.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Georgia Goodman from?

Georgia Goodman is from London.

What is one of the recent popular films in which Georgia Goodman acted?

Georgia Goodman acted in Uncharted in 2022.

What is Georgia Goodman’s height?

Georgia Goodman is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What is Georgia Goodman’s weight?

Georgia Goodman’s weight is around 75 kg.

What else apart from acting is her hobby?

Georgia Goodman likes photography a lot, she often posts her vacation pictures on her Instagram.

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