Geoffrey Moore Net Worth

What is Geoffrey Moore’s Net Worth?

Net Worth$12 Million
Born July 31, 1946
Age75 Years Old
BirthplaceUnited State of America
Source of WealthAuthor, Speaker, Management Expert
Last Updated2021

Geoffrey Moore is an American author, organizational theorist, public speaker, and management consultant. He has boasted an estimated net worth of $12 million. He is best known and popular for his book “Crossing The Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers”.

He is the Founder and Managing Director of Geoffrey Moore Consulting. He is Venture Partner at “Wildcat Venture Partners” and chairman of “Chasm Institute” and “Chasm Group”. 

Moore is a member of the board of directors of several pre-IPO companies, such as 

He has established several high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Autodesk, and more…!


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Early Life & Education

Geoffrey Moore was born on July 31, 1946, in Portland, Oregon, the U.S. He grew up in Portland and went to the local school for his studies.

After his school, he attended Stanford University and received a Bachelor’s degree in American Literature in 1967. Later he attended the University of Washington for a doctorate in English literature in 1974.


He started his professional career as an English professor at Olivet College in Michigan. After working four years as a professor he moved to California with his family to begin his career in high tech as a training specialist. 

He joined as a sales and marketing executive at Enhansys, Rand Information Systems, and Mitem. And finally found his niche in marketing consulting.

He started working with Regis McKenna Inc as a marketing consultant. And later he has helped found the three of these companies “Chasm Institute”, “The Chasm Group”, and “TCG Advisor”. Currently, he is chairman of all of these three firms.

His work is focused on the market surrounding disruptive innovations. His consulting work has helped establish several high-tech companies such as Google, Salesforce, Autodesk, Microsoft, F5 Networks, Splunk, and Gainsight.

In 1991, he published his first book “Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-tech Products to Mainstream Customers”. This book has sold more than a million copies worldwide. The book focuses on the problems start-ups face transitioning from early adoption to mainstream customers. 

In 1995, he released his second book “Inside the Tornado: Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley’s Cutting Edge”. And he launched his recent book in 2021 “The Infinite Staircase”. 

He is an organizational management expert who has spoken to several platforms and organizations. 

Moore is the owner of consulting firm “Geoffrey Moore Consulting Firm”. He is a Venture Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures and Wildcat Venture Partners. And a managing director at Geoffrey Moore Consulting. 

Personal Life

He married Marie Moore in 1968. And they live in California, USA.

How Does Geoffrey Moore Make Money? 

His major sources of income through which he has established a net worth of $12 million are:

  • Earning as a management consultant
  • As an author
  • Managing director
  • Venture partner
  • Speaker
  • Events

Geoffrey Moore Social Media Profile

Geoffrey Moore Books

Here are some books by Geoffrey Moore.

  • Crossing the Chasm
  • Inside the Tornado
  • Zone to Win
  • The Infinite Staircase
  • Escape Velocity
  • Living on the Faultline
  • The Gorilla Game
  • Dealing with Darwin

Geoffrey Moore Quotes

“The biggest problem is typically overly ambitious expectations combined with undercapitalization”.

Geoffrey Moore

“Marketing has long known how to exploit fads and how to develop trends.”

Geoffrey Moore

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.”

Geoffrey Moore

4 Success Lessons From Geoffrey Moore

  • Don’t underestimate your talent 
  • Chase really large market
  • Celebrate the Wins
  • Listen to your guts


Geoffrey Moore is an author, management consultant, speaker, and organizational theorist. He is best known for his book “Crossing The Chasm”.

If you want to accelerate your company and marketing skills to the mainstream you must read his books.

Also as per the recent updates, the net worth of Geoffrey Moore is $12 million…!



Here are a few of the questions that are frequently asked about Geoffrey Moore such as Wikipedia, marriage, biography, worth, height, and more…

What is the Geoffrey Moore age?

He was born on July 31, 1946. He is 75 years old.

Where does Geoffrey Moore live? Where is his House?

He lives in California with his wife and family. 

Who is Geoffrey Moore’s Wife?

He married Marie Moore in 1968. And they live in California, USA.

What is Geoffrey MooreBlog?

His website name is “”.

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