FunnyMike Net Worth 2022: Bio, Girlfriend, age, Wiki, YouTube Earnings (Updated)

What is Funny Mike’s Net Worth

Net Worth$5 million
BornOctober 8,1996 
Age24 years
BirthplaceLouisiana, United State of America
Source of WealthRapper, Comedian, Youtuber
Latest Update2022

FunnyMike aka MacArthur Johnson is a Rapper, YouTuber, and a Comedian. As of 2022, his net worth is around $5 Million as of 2021.

He’s known for his songs “Letter To Carmen“, “Jigga“, “Wait What You Doing” and many more…!

Funny Mike also appeared in a show “Wild ‘n Out” telecasted on MTV and is known for his humor in it. He uploads challenging and funny posts on his social media handles.

He inspires everyone who thinks it’s not possible to achieve things their way. 

Do you know what his major sources of income are? How does he spend his money?

Let’s check out his Funny Mike success story and observe some valuable lessons…!

How Was FunnyMike’s Early Life & Education?

Funny Mike’s real name is MacArthur Johnson. He is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was born on October 8, 1996, to Arthur Bradford and Denise Jones. He has a half-brother who goes by the name Wings. 

He went to Tara High School nearby his home. He successfully graduated with a high school degree.

How Did FunnyMike Start His Career?

He started his career by uploading comedy videos regularly on Vine. He later created a YouTube channel named “FunnyMike” and uploaded his first video which was named “I’m Smashing Your Girl Prank On Runk” which reached 1.3 Million views. 

As he kept on uploading videos, he became more famous. As of now, he has 7.82 Million subscribers on YouTube.

He has a girlfriend named Jaliyah with whom he created another YouTube channel and started posting videos. He is not only great at humor but also rapping. He is one of the best aspiring young rappers.

 In 2016, he became the most known and discussed rapper for his mixtape named “Savage Mode“.

He has gained 8.2 millions followers on Instagram, 2 million followers on Facebook.

He also have another YouTube channels such as:

  • FunnyMike Live: 103k Subscribers
  • FunnyMike Skits: 1.6 Million Subscribers

FunnyMike Songwriting Partners

FunnyMike Personal Life

Funny Mike has a girlfriend named Jaliyah. She is also a Youtuber and they have created a Youtube channel together.

Jaliyah has been his girlfriend for many years. There is no information about their marital status but they are living together and have a daughter born in February 2019 named Londyn. 

How Does Funny Mike Make His Money?

These are the major sources of income that made Funny Mike generate a worth of $5 million.

  • Earnings from Youtube
  • Making money from Comedy Show
  • Making money from Record Sales
  • Making money from Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • Online Merchandise Shop

Making money from Comedy Show

FunnyMike had a recurring role in the comedy show “Wild n’ Out” telecasted on MTV. The show paid him around $27k – $50k. 

Making money from Record Sales

As a famous rapper, FunnyMike has been known for his big hit singles. On Spotify around 7,109 monthly listeners. One of the highest-streamed songs is “Hit That Bit 4 The Gram” which had around 50.6k streams. FunnyMike made some great amounts from Record Sales.

Making money from Social Media

FunnyMike has Twitter as well as YouTube. The launch of his YouTube channel was on the 1st of May 2016. As he posted videos, he gained 7.82 subscribers as well as 2.1 billion views for his videos.

A YouTuber will be able to earn $4- $10 per 1k views. FunnyMike’s SocialBlade Country rank is 626th.

  • Estimated Monthly Earning is around $4.8 – $76.3k
  • Estimated Yearly Earnings are around $57.2k – $915k
  • Estimated Weekly Average Earnings are around $1.1k – $17.8k

Most of Funny Mike’s wealth is from YouTube Revenue. His Youtube revenue in May 2021 is $3.44k. Likewise, he gains more wealth from social media platforms.

FunnyMike Social Media Accounts

Some Famous Funny Mike’s Quotes

“Sometimes you gotta let shit be and keep moving forward”


“I’m not somebody you wanna lose. I promise you that..”


4 Success lessons from Funny Mike

  • Successful Youtuber
  • Famous Rapper
  • Great Comedian
  • Best Dad

FunnyMike as a Successful YouTuber

Funny Mike started his Youtube career and reached many people in the year 2016. He made funny videos and impressed many people. He has Millions of subscribers who follow his amazing content.

FunnyMike as a Famous Rapper

Funny Mike even though he had a Youtube channel, he discovered his passion and did not back out from exploring it. He became a rapper with his amazing talent and released his max-tapes and didn’t look back from then.

FunnyMike as a Great Comedian

Funny Mike performed in a show Wild ‘n Out which reached out to many audiences and he proved that he has great humor by posting funny videos on social media platforms and getting many likes and amazing responses.

FunnyMike as a Great Dad

Funny Mike who’s a great influencer, rapper, and comedian managed to maintain his fame through many years also is a dedicated parent and looks after his family and wants the best for them.


FunnyMike is a Comedian, Rapper and a YouTuber who has many single hits and has 7.82 Million subscribers on YouTube and his net worth is around $5 Million.

Some important lessons which can be observed from FunnyMike are that no book should be judged by its cover and if you are interested in making a change in your life, it’s in your hands. Just a tip of our finger may change your life. 

Hope you found some interesting stuff about the famous YouTuber and Rapper.

As per the recent updated , the net worth of FunnyMike is $5 Million…!


Frequently Asked Question

Here are a few interesting questions about FunnyMike which are frequently asked such as biography, age, height, weight, wife, and so on…

What is Funny Mike Age?

He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on October 8, 1996. He is 24 years old.

Is FunnyMike a father?

Yes, he has a daughter Londyn Johnson.

What’s FunnyMike’s current net worth?

The estimated funnyMike Net Worth is around $5 Million as of now in 2021

Who’s FunnyMike’s girlfriend?

He has been dating Jaliyah Monet who’s also a YouTuber and they have a YouTube channel together.

How Much Money Does FunnyMike Make On YouTube?

The estimated revenue that he generates from Youtube is around $5,000 per day ($1.8 million a year). 

(This is not the exact net worth FunnyMike, it is the estimated value. The information is collected from the various web sources)

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