Emily Fernandez Net Worth

How much is Emily Fernandez Net Worth?

Net Worth$500000
BornJune 22, 1992
Origin of CountryTexas, USA
Source of WealthReality Show personality, Actor, Fashion Designer
Last update2020

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez’s net worth is $500 thousand as per the latest update.


Emily Fernandez is a reality show personality, actor, and fashion designer. She is best known as a participant in the American reality series “Little Women”. She is quite famous because of her small height.

Her net worth being a celebrity is much lower compared to any other celebrities. It’s just the beginning of her career. She is growing well and her mindset shows she will do even better in her life.

…Let’s check out her inspiring journey.

Early Life

Emily Fernandez was born on June 22, 1992, in Pennsylvania, U.S. She had gone through a hard time since childhood. She was just an infant. When her biological parents gave her for adoption.

Her parents do not want to keep her because she was born with a disease. The person does not grow their height and overall personality. She was suffering from achondroplasia.

 It occurs to about 1 in 40000 Newborn babies. It is a form of short-Limbed dwarfism.

She was adopted with a lovely family and there she met her sister Sara. Her new parents had dwarfism. She spent her childhood in Texas with her adoptive parents.

When she reached her adult age she went to Atlanta. There she started working hard and began to get famous.

She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Emily Fernandez got famous from the show “Little Women: Atlanta”. Before joining this series. She was known as “Right Cheek” and her partner Bri Barlup as “Lift Cheek” in a Rap duo called “The Cheeks”.

She was still not famous. When she joined the Little Women: Atlanta on the Lifetime TV. She started getting popular with her dramatic relationship with Lontel. She was the main focus of the show.

She is also the cast of another reality show “Little Women: Dallas. 

From her career graph it can be seen that her majority of wealth comes from these two reality show: 

  • Little Women: Atlanta
  • Little Women: Dallas

The stars of these shows are paid on an episode basis. 

In 2017, she dated a Dallas rapper Dreadz 448. The couple later that year launched a song together “Lifetime”. Emily recorded four songs that same year with her friend Bri Barlup “Poppin Bottles”, HD, “Run that check” and “Gettin Rich”. 

She also has a youtube channel named “OFFICIALCRC”. She started her channel on August 6, 2012. Currently, she has 203k subscribers in her channels and got 670,604 views.

Though youtube is not her source of income.

She also appeared as a guest role on “Conversation with other Women”. Later she continued to focus on her music career.

Emily Fernandez’s net worth is $500,000 with the recent update.

Personal Life

During her reality show Little Women: Atlanta. She was in a dramatic relationship with his partner Lontel.

Emily has a daughter from her previous relationship, Eva. She was also an average height. She now wanted to have a child with Lontel. So they both decided you have a baby. 

They both were successful in having a son named Lontel “JJ” Johnson Jr. He was also an average height like Eva. He inherited her dwarfism like her mother.

Emily had very difficulties during pregnancy. She tells people that JJ has seizures in the womb. But after three months JJ passed away. 

It was a very hard time for her. From then her relationship started facing issues for having more children.

Lontel didn’t want to have an unhealthy child or a child that is again inherited from her mother’s dwarfism. As Lontel doesn’t have dwarfism. But in the end, Lontel agreed.

The couple was successful in having a baby boy Zayne after two years. 

Even though the boy was healthy. Lontel and Emily broke up and Emily finally moved on. 

Recently she was in a relationship with rapper Dreadz 448.

Emily Fernandez Major Achievements

Here are some of the major highlights of her career.

  • Little Women: Atlanta 2016
  • Little Women: Dallas 2016
  • Lifetime Song 2017

Some Interesting Things

Emily has a trust fund. One of her castmates, during her show Little women: Atlanta. Asked her to invest in a bar. As she had money available in her trust fund.

Later she denied the offer as she thought her castmate doesn’t have a better business plan.

She is also a dog lover and she has three dogs. One of them is Doberman Pinscher.

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Emily Fernandez Famous Quotes

 “It’s just very unstable but I’m getting there.”

– Emily Fernandez

“There are still a lot of emotional struggles that I’m going through.”

– Emily Fernandez

“It’s just — the days I choose to suppress my feelings, I act like I’m okay and the days that I choose to talk about it are a little bit harder.”

– Emily Fernandez

Fake is a new reality and I don’t fit In

– Emily Fernandez

2 hard lesson from Emily Fernandez

She has gone through a hard time. But she never gave up and pushed herself to move forward in life. Let’s checkout, the strongest lesson we can learn from her.

Circumstances of your birth

Even though she was born with a disorder. She never blames anyone. Even she was raised by adoptive parents. She never gave up in her life and established her to become a celebrity in this normal world.

Tragedies Cannot Stop You

Here you can learn and get inspiration from her. In Spite of having so many tragedies she never gave up in life. Time will come when you will feel like giving up but never do that. She says don’t let the tragedies stop you in life.


Emily Fernandez is a tv celebrity and makes a net worth of $500 thousand. She has seen a very hard life to become a successful person. You might have learned many things from her inspiring story.

Just believe in yourself and never let any situation put you down.

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