Eddie Hall Net Worth 2022: Bio, Age, Wiki, Strongman, Income, Wife (updated

How Much Is Eddie Hall’s Net Worth? (Latest Report)

Net Worth$35 Million
Born January 15, 1988
Age34 Years 
Source of WealthStrongman, Actor
Last Updated2022

Eddie Hall is a British Strongman and actor. As of 2022, he has earned a net worth of $35 Million.

Making his giant and strong appearance, he has won the “World’s Strongest Man” competition in 2017. People also called him “The Beast“.

Though he participated and won several awards, including England’s Strongest Man and UK’s Strongest Man competition.

Hall is also popular as the world record holder of 500kg(1,102 lb) official deadlift under Strongman guidelines in 2016.

He has also appeared in several films and television, including “Eddie: Strongman” and “Born Strong”…!

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How Was Eddie Hall’s Early Life & Education?

Eddie Hall’s real name is Edward Stephen Hall. He took birth in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, on January 15, 1988. During his teenage years, Hall was a competitive and successful swimmer.

For studies, he went to Clayton High School, for his bad luck he was expelled from the school at the age of 15 years old.

Where he continued his studies through home tutoring. 

How Did Eddie Hall Start His Career?

In 2008, he started working as a mechanic in a garage and later he trained himself as a bodybuilder. While training he competed at the Ice Man Gym and then he entered the field of Strongman.

In 2011. Hall participated in the UK’s Strongest Man competition by securing first place. Nowicki was 2nd and Rich Smith in 3rd place. Due to his injury, he couldn’t participate in World’s Strongest Man that year.

In 2012 he competed in Europe’s Strongest Man and finished 8th position. The same year he participated in World’s Strongest Man and progressed to the qualifying group. 

In 2015, he made a world record of lifting a deadlift of 462 kg (1,019 lb). It was achieved at the Arnold Classic’s event for which Arnold Schwarzenegger was present to cheer him up.

The same year he broke his previous record at the World Deadlift Championships with a 463 kg deadlift.

In 2016, he finished 3rd in World’s Strongest Man Championship, and the following year in 2017 he became the World’s Strongest Man by winning the championship.

Later in 2016, he made a world record of 500kg deadlift at the World Deadlift Championships beating his previous records.

During his entire career, he has participated in several events and has won many awards and honors.

Which later allowed him to appear in films and television. Which is mentioned below in the highlights section.

How Does Eddie Hall Make His Money?

Here are the main sources of income, through which he has accumulated a net worth of $35 million.

  • As a Bodybuilder
  • As a Strongman 
  • Winner of several strongman championships
  • Competing in Deadlift Events
  • Made Money as an Actor
  • Endorsements 
  • Brand Ambassador 

Eddie Hall Social Media Profiles

How does he Spend His Money? (House, Car, Property)

He has several properties but he lives in his newly purchased home in Clayton, New Castle, England. 

He is fond of luxury cars and he owns a good collection of cars, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Ferrari.

Eddie Hall Famous Quotes

“I tend to wake up around 7, and I start the day with a protein shake.”

Eddie Hall

“The mental capacity to be the best, you’ve got to be mentally strong.”

Eddie Hall

“I went away and I trained – I pulled trucks, I flipped tires, I lifted atlas stones, I ran with weights, I trained my arse off and the results speak for themselves.”

Eddie Hall


Eddie Hall is known as the strongest man and has won several championships. He is a super famous personality in the bodybuilding and deadlift niche. Holding a world record in the deadlift.

I hope the World’s Strongest Man has inspired you enough. With his success story for you to take some action in your life and become your dream human being.

Also as per the recent updates, Eddie Hall has a net worth of $35 million…!



Here are a few of the questions that are frequently asked that are related to Eddie Hall.

Who is the richest strongman?

Brian Shaw is the Richest Strongman as he has the net worth of $500 million…!

How much do strongmen get paid?

The Prize money for Strongmen varies but on an average they get $72000 to $100,000.

Is Eddie Hall A Millionaire?

Yes Eddie Hall is a MIillionaire.

Do Strongman Use Steroids?

Is Eddie Hall Vegan?

No, Eddie Hall is not Vegan. Though his wife eat lot of vegan foods.

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