Davie504 Net Worth

What is Davie504 Net Worth?

Net Worth$5 Million
BornApril 5, 1994
Source of WealthYoutuber, Musician
Last Update2021

Davie504 Net Worth

Davie504 Net Worth is $5 million as per the latest update…

(This is not the exact net worth. But approximately close to it or even more)


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How much is Davie504 Worth?

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Davie504 is an Italian Musician and Youtuber. He is popular for playing bass guitar with his unique style of Slapping Technique.

By using his unique talent he has created many viral videos and has also created covers of songs.

He uploads music videos every week on his youtube channel. Currently, he has more than 9 million subscribers. 

Early life 

Davie504 real name is Davide Biale. He was born in Savona, Italy on 5 April 1994. He is an Italian guy who is passionate about music.

As per these details, there is no much information about his earlier life. If I find it anywhere, I will update it here without any delay.

Till the time let’s talk about his career.


Davie504 started playing bass guitar in his school days. Where he was influenced by Gene Simmons, a KISS bassist. 

At a very young age only he created a youtube channel with the name “Davie504”. Where he started uploading covers songs adding creativity to it.

Like Korn songs played with real corn and Red Hot Chili peppers songs with real chili peppers.

His videos started growing over youtube and he gained lots of followers.

Then after reading a few comments on his videos. He started performing musical challenges. Like playing slap bass solo for 5 hours continuously without interruption. Which gained lots of views from around the world.

He is also known for creating meme-related videos. 

The most famous one, he contributed to the PewDiePie Vs T-series competition. Where he played a bass cover of Bitch Lasagna. He just Went to Indian to play this song in front of the t-series office.

In 2019 he was listed in “The 20 Hottest Bassists in the World Today” by MusicRadar. 

He has received his golden play button from youtube and currently, he has more than 9 million subscribers with 1,365,227,216 views. He joined youtube on 19 May 2011.

Personal Life

Davie504 is in a relationship with an Indigenous Taiwanese girl. As you can see his pictures with his girlfriend on Instagram and other social media. Where she also plays bass.

Davie504 Social Media Profile

Davie504 Studio Album

  • 2014 Let’s, Funk!’
  • 2015 Funkalicious 
  • 2016 Very Impressive

Davie504 Tips for Guitar & Music Lover

  • Good Sound Quality
    • Make sure the sound is of good quality when you are creating videos.
  • Good Video Quality
    • The video quality should be good one or there will be no one to see.
  • Shorts Video
    • If you are uploading your videos on youtube. Make it a short video.


If you have reached till here it means. Either you love bass, music guitar, or what to get popular on youtube. 

If you are anyone among these you must check out this guy. He is so good at Bass and his unique way of playing guitar. You will get so many things to learn from him.

As per the recent updates, Davie504 Net Worth is $5 million Approx…!

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