Daniel Mac Net Worth 2022 (ItsDanielMac) bio, Age, Wiki, Girlfriend, Car, Income, Earnings (Updated)

What is Daniel Mac’s Net Worth?(latest Report)

Net Worth$2.8 Million
Born October 8, 1997
Age23 Years Old
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Source of WealthYoutuber, Rapper, Boxer
Last Updated2022

ItsDanielMac is an alias name of Daniel Mac. He is an American TikToker, Youtuber, and social media personality. As of 2022, he has made an estimated net worth of over $2.8 Million. He is best known for his video concept of “What do you do for a living”

He is an internet personality, who is growing quickly on all social media platforms. He is the CEO of “What do you do for a living”. You must have seen his videos on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and snap chat. 

Daniel’s videos get viral across all social shares. He has more than 13.5 million followers on Tiktok with more than 285 million likes. Whereas his youtube has gained 2.15 million subscribers and Instagram has 2.1 million followers. 

He also owns an online merch store under his name.  Daniel Mac Net Worth is $2.8 million…!


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Daniel Mac Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Daniel Mac Real nameDaniel MacDonald
NicknameDaniel Mac
Professional NameItsdanielmac/ Daniel Mac
Birth date/ Birthday/ Date of Birth/BornOctober 8, 1997
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.A
Daniel Mac age23 years, old
Daniel Mac height160 cm
Daniel Mac WeightNa
Daniel Mac NationalityAmerican
Marital StatusNot Married
Daniel Mac WifeNot Married
Daniel Mac GirlfriendNA
Daniel Mac Education/ CollegeHarvard University
Net Worth/ Salary/ Income$1.8 Million
Daniel Mac OccupationYoutuber, Rapper, Boxer

How was Daniel Mac Early Life & Education?

ItsDanielMac’s real name is Daniel MacDonald. He was born on October 8, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

He grew up in Los Angeles and went to a nearby school for his studies. He graduated from Harvard University. 

How Did Daniel Mac started his Career?

He started his content creation career by creating a Youtube channel on October 4, 2020. His first video concept that got viral was asking luxury supercar owners “what do they do for a living”. That video started to get millions of views.

Later he started Tiktok, with the same concept asking the supercar owners on the street “What do you do for a living”. His video became viral over Tiktok and other social media. This concept brought him huge success.

He is one of the most popular TikTok users, gaining more than 12 million followers on Tiktok and 1.6 million subscribers on Instagram. Whereas his youtube channel has 1.4 million subscribers.

He has asked several millionaires, supercars owners, and wealthy strangers on the streets and various other locations. The luxury cars such as Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and many more…!

He has also asked famous people such as Richard Branson, Jordan Belfort, and others about “What do they do for a living”.

He has also collaborated with several content creators such as Lil Nas X and more…

He also owns an online clothing store named “shop.Itsdanielmac.com”. Daniel has recently started another question in his video “What was your first job?”

Recently he has organised a super car rally called “Legends Rally“. Currently the Legends Rally‘s Instagram account has 3265 follower.

How Does ItsDanielMac Make Money?

These are the major sources of income through which Daniel Mac has accumulated a net worth of $1.8 million.

  • Earnings as a TikToker
  • Earnings As a Youtuber
  • Sponsorships
  • Paid ads
  • Online Merch Store
  • Car Sponsorship

ItsDanielMac Social Media Accounts

Title “I Ruined Dave Portnoy’s Pizza Review!”


ItsDanielMac is an American most popular TikToker, YouTuber, and social media personality. He is the CEO of “What do you do for a living”. Where he asks wealthy strangers having supercars. 

You must have come across his video. If not go check it you will love it. It’s inspiring and motivates people.

Also as per the recent updates, Daniel MacDonald Net Worth is $2.8 Million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that are frequently asked about ItsDanielMac, such as Wikipedia, marriage, biography, worth, height, and more…

Who is Daniel Mac?

Daniel Mac also known as Itsdanielmac, is an American Youtuber, Tiktoker, and Social Media personality. Known for asking random people on street asking with sports car, “What do you do for a living”?

Who is Daniel Mac Girlfriend? Who is Daniel Make Dating?

He haven’t revealed anything about his girlfriend. Neither I have found in my research. it looks he want to keep it private.

What is the Daniel Mac age?

He was born on October 8, 1997. He is 23 years old.

Where does Daniel Mac live? Where is his House?

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. 

Is ItsDanielMac married?

No, he is not married yet. And there is no information about his relationship or girlfriend.

Who is the richest TikToker?

Addison Rae Easterling is the richest TikToker. She has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

How Many Cars Daniel Mac Has?

You have seen him asking supercar owners about “What do they do for Living?”. But there is no informations about Daniel Mac car.

How Much Money Daniel Mac Make from Youtube?

The estimated amount of money Daniel Mac makes from Youtube is around …(NA)

How Much Money Daniel Mac Make From TikTok?

The estimated amount of money Daniel Mac makes from TikTok is around…(NA)

Where Did Daniel Mac Go To College?

Daniel Mac went to Harvard University for his college degree.

How Did Daniel Mac Get Famous?

Daniel Mac got famous by asking random people on street with luxury/sports cars “What Do You Do For a Living”. His videos got viral on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

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