Cristela Alonzo Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Wiki, Husband, Income (Updated)

What Is Cristela Alonzo’s Net Worth? (Recent Reports)

Net Worth$4 Million
BornJanuary 6, 1979
Age44 Years Old
BirthplaceSan Juan, Texas, United States of America
Source of WealthComedian, Writer, Producer, and Actress
Last Updated2023

Cristela Alonzo is a comedian, actress, writer, and producer from the United States of America. As of 2023, she has an assessed net worth of $4 million

She is one of the first Latina women to create, produce, write, and star in the ABC primetime comedy sitcom “Cristela.”

She is an observational humorist who focuses on personal experiences. She was inspired by Bill Cosby and Roseanne Barr, as well as her favorite childhood shows.

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Cristela Alonzo Biography / Wikipedia / Wiki

Real NameCristela Alonzo
Known AsCristela Alonzo
Birth DateJanuary 6, 1979
Age 44 Years Old
Height5 ft 3 in (1.75 m)
Weight68 kg
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse / BoyfriendStephen Halasz
Net Worth$4 Million
ProfessionComedian, Writer, Producer, and Actress

How Was Cristela Alonzo’s Early Life And Education?

Cristela Alonzo took birth on January 6, 1979, in Sas Juan, Texas, America. 

As the youngest daughter of four children, she was born and raised by her single mother in San Juan. Both her father and mother are from Mexico. She used to spend most of her time with her paternal grandmother while she was a child.

The family lived in an abandoned diner for the first eight years of Alonzo’s childhood, and they were homeless and poor, despite her mother working double shifts as a waitress. Poverty often left her hungry. 

Her family only spoke Spanish. She learned English through Television. Her interests in comic books, trading, and playing cards mostly came from hanging out with her older brother.

Alonzo left home at 18 to attend Webster University in St. Louis to study theatre. However, she had to drop out because affording an education was hard. So, she returned to Dallas and settled with her sister.

How Did Cristela Alonzo Start Her Career?

A year after her mother died in 2003, Alonzo took a job as an office manager at the Addison Improv and began performing stand-up comedy.

In 2006, she was recruited to write for a Comedy Central show in Los Angeles. 

Alonzo was a semi-finalist on the television show “Last Comic Standing” in 2010, which increased her exposure and led to a performance in the comedy series “Legally Brown” in May 2011.

On June 7, 2013, Alonzo appeared in a 30-minute portion of Comedy Central‘s “The Half Hour.” She has been on Craig Ferguson‘s “The Late Late Show,” “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution,” “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” and “Live at Gotham.

Alonzo co-created her semi-autobiographical comedy pilot “Cristela” for ABC in 2013 with TV producer Becky Clements and collaborated with Kevin Hench, her writing partner.

On February 26, 2014, they filmed a pilot presentation with much of the team of “Last Man Standing.”

ABC ordered the pilot series for the 2014-15 television season on May 10, 2014. The show ended on May 7, 2015, and was later canceled.

Alonzo voiced Cruz Ramirez in the Disney-Pixar film “Cars 3” in 2017 and released a Netflix stand-up special called “Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy.”

Alonzo released a biography titled “Music to My Years: A Mixtape-Memoir of Growing Up and Standing Up” in 2019, with a stand-up tour called “My Affordable Care Act.”

Alonzo presented and narrated the 11-episode podcast “Chicano Squad” in 2020. Also, she frequently appears on the game show “25 Words or Less.”

Alonzo was revealed as the presenter of The CW‘s return of the 1990s game program “Legends of the Hidden Temple” in 2021.

She also released “Cristela Alonzo: Middle Classy,” a Netflix stand-up special.

Cristela Alonza Filmography


  • 2013 – Hot Pursuit
  • 2017 – Cars 3
  • 2018 – That’s Harassment 
  • 2019 – The Laundromat
  • 2020 – Coast


  • 2011 – Sons of Anarchy
  • 2012 – The Book Club
  • 2015 – General Hospital
  • 2019 – present – His Dark Materials
  • 2022 – Cars on the Road

Cristela Alonzo’s Personal Life

Cristela Alonzo keeps her personal and love life private. But, as for now, we know that she is married to Stephen Halasz, a fellow stand-up comedian.

How Does Cristela Alonzo Make Money?

These are the major sources of income through which Cristela Alonzo has accumulated $4 million:

  • Earning as a comedian
  • Earning as a writer
  • Earning as a producer
  • Earning as an actress

Cristela Alonzo Social Media Accounts

Cristela Alonzo Quotes

“I’m not trying to represent the whole Latino community. There are too many different cultures, and Latinos will always say, ‘My family doesn’t do that.’” 

Cristela Alonzo

“It might sound dramatic and a little grandiose, but as a Latina, I would like to be someone that gives a voice to my culture.” 

Cristela Alonzo

“I couldn’t afford therapy, so I just watched ‘Frasier.’ Season 4 was a breakthrough.”  

Cristela Alonzo

Success lessons From Cristela Alonzo’s Life

  • Don’t forget where you came from.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Live a happy life.


Cristela Alonzo is an American comedian, writer, actress, and producer.  With the debut of her sitcom “Cristela,” she became the first Latina to produce, write, and appear in her own television show.

She has been on shows such as “The Half Hour” and was named one of the 10 L.A. Comedy Acts to Watch by L.A. Weekly in 2014.

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According to recent updates, the net worth of Cristela Alonzo is $4 million…!


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions asked about Cristela Alonzo, such as her age, earnings, and relationship status.

How old is Cristela Alonzo?

Cristela Alonzo is 44 years old and was born on January 6, 1979.

Where is Cristela Alonzo from?

Cristela Alonzo is from San Juan, Texas, United States of America.

What is Cristela Alonzo’s marital status?

Cristela Alonzo is married to Stephen Halasz.

How tall is Cristela Alonzo?

Cristela Alonzo is 5 ft 3 in tall.

What is Cristela Alonzo’s weight?

Cristela Alonzo weighs around 68 kg.

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