Conan Gray Takes The Plaza With Outstanding Performances – And A Wild Outfit

The “Heather” singer gets the crowd buzzing in the latest Citi Concert Series performance on TODAY.

Conan Gray sure knows how to kick off the weekend in a majestic way!

The 23-year-old performed several of his biggest hits at the TODAY plaza on Friday morning for the Our City Concert Series, and he also showed off his bold fashion sense.

Gray showed up dressed in a black, fringe-covered vest embellished with sparkles and feathers, paired with matching flares, opera-length gloves, and a pair of towering heels.

Gray talked about his outfit choices: “I feel like my whole life, fashion has always been something I’ve used to hide myself in or disguise (myself), all scared,” he clarified.

“But lately, I’ve just realized that nothing really matters, and you might as well just have fun with it while you’re here.”

Gray performed “Disaster,” “People Watching,” and “Memories” for his throng of fans, many of whom had begun lining up for the concert the night before. These songs are all from his most recent album, “Superache.”

The pop sensation’s songs have been streamed more than three billion times on Spotify, and his second studio album was released on the same day as his TODAY Concert.

“Superache,” like his previous album, “Kid Krow,” is filled with bittersweet singles about love and longing.

Gray knows what he’s singing about, even though he’s never been in a relationship where both were in love.

“I’ve been in love before,” he admitted between sets to Hoda Kotb and Craig Melvin. “They just haven’t loved me back.”

And, before moving on to his previous hit, “Heather,” he spoke about his non-romantic relationship with his bestie, Olivia Rodrigo, and even revealed how they met.

“(On) the internet — just like everyone else our age,” he mentioned how it all starts.

I remember I messaged her because I heard a song she’d written years ago called ‘All I Want,’ then I was like, ‘That’s the best song I’ve heard in a very long time.’ And I love her.”

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