Canal Nostalgia Net Worth 2022: Felipe Castanhari, Youtuber (Updated)

What Is Canal Nostalgia’s Net Worth?

Net Worth $3.25 million
Launched onSep 21, 2008
Sources Of IncomeYouTuber, Content Creator
Last updated2022

Canal Nostalgia is a youtube channel run by Felipe Castanhari based in Brazil. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of approximately $3.25 million. He teaches history and talks about other fun things on his channel. 

The channel currently has about 14.6 million subscribers. Where as he has 6.8 million followers on Instagram.

Felipe has also been a part of shows like Mystery Lab and was recently seen in Monica and Friends



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Felipe Castanhari Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameFelipe Castanhari
Known AsCanal Nostalgia
Launch Sep 21, 2008
Origin Brazil
Sources of income Youtube
Net Worth$3.25 million
Sources of income Youtube

How Was Canal Nostalgia’s Early Life And Education?

The Canal Nostalgia YouTube channel is run by Brazilian content creator Felipe Mendes Castanhari

He was born on December 20, 1989, in Osasco, São Paulo. He has a brother Renato Castanhari

How Did Canal Nostalgia Start His Successful Career?

Felipe Castanhari launched his channel on Sep 21, 2008, based in Brazil and the content is in Portuguese. 

He does not follow a strict schedule and posts randomly when he gets the time. 

His videos are mostly about old cartoons and children’s programs, some historical figures and events, and occasionally games. He also has a lot of content on General Knowledge. 

The channel’s first successful video was the one in which Felipe talked about TV CRUJ, a hit in the early 2000s, the video gained over fifty thousand views. 

From the fifth video, Castanhari increased his team, and he started work with screenwriter Fábio de Almeida. The channel reached the 10 million subscribers milestone in 2017.

Starting with just Felipe, there is now a team of 12 people working on the channel and each video gets over a million views on average. 

The channel currently has 1.4 billion views and about 14.6 million subscribers as of November 2022.

Felipe was working as a 3D animator before he started his own youtube channel. 

He has also been seen in a few shows including Mystery lab since 2020 and later in 2021 in Monica And Friends. 

Personal life 

Felipe revealed in 2020, that he has been dating streamer and actress Nyvi Estephan. Nyvi is regularly seen hosting eSports tournaments and voicing characters in games and shows.

He was an active voice in spreading awareness of COVID-19 and also urged other YouTubers to do the same. 

Canal Nostalgia Career highlights

  • Nickelodeon Brazil Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male Youtuber
  • Over 14.6 million subscribers on Youtube

Canal Nostalgia Social Media Handles

Success Lessons

Canal Nostalgia’s knowledge has gained him many viewers and fans with a real dedication to learning and growing!

Not everyone has the skills it takes to make learning fun but Felipe does it so well and that’s why his channel is so famous. 


Canal Nostalgia is a Brazilian YouTuber. He teaches history and talks about other fun things on his channel. 

This channel might be a good one for you if you’re interested in learning history without being bored.

And if Portuguese is one of the languages you’ve mastered, then what are you waiting for? Go to the YouTube channel and learn! 

As per recent updates, the net worth of Canal Nostalgia is $3.25 million!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that are regularly asked about Canal Nostalgia‘s YouTube journey, subscribers, and content… 

When did the Canal Nostalgia YouTube channel launch? 

The Canal Nostalgia YouTube channel was launched on Sep 21, 2008.

What is the posting schedule of Canal Nostalgia? 

Canal Nostalgia channel does not follow a schedule and as they’ve stated on their channel, good things take time! 

How many subscribers does Canal Nostalgia have currently? 

Canal Nostalgia has more than 14.5 million subscribers as of November 2022.

How many total views does the Canal Nostalgia YouTube account have? 

Canal Nostalgia Canal Nostalgia has above 1.4 billion views on youtube.

Who runs the Canal Nostalgia YouTube channel? 

Canal Nostalgia is owned and run by Brazilian actor and content creator Felipe Mendes Castanhari

Who is Canal Nostalgia’s owner dating? 

Canal Nostalgia’s owner Felipe Castanhari revealed that he is dating actress and streamer Nyvi Estephan, in 2020.

(P.S. The net worth of Canal Nostalgia given here in the article is just an estimated figure which has been gathered from various sources.) 

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