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It’s been 10 years since its inception, on 18 November 2011. Still, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games for content creators. There are thousands of YouTubers playing and creating Minecraft content. Which has become their major source of income and entertainment. 

Some have gained huge subscribers, popularity and become millionaires by being Minecraft content creators. Here in this article, you will get to know about those famous Minecraft Youtube channels.

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Top 10 Best Minecraft Youtubers In The World With Current Updates

Have you ever thought Youtube will come this long and become the world’s largest search engine after Google? Where millions of content creators from various niches are uploading videos daily. Likewise, gaming has become the most popular, successful, and emerging niche for youtube content creators. And Minecraft is one of the top video games of all.

Here in this article, I have listed the top 10 famous Minecraft Youtubers that will help you in your journey to success…!

How I Have Selected The Biggest Minecraft Youtubers?

This is the updated and latest list of the most famous Minecraft Youtubers. I have done deep research, compared, and handpicked the best result across the web source. The methods I have considered to create the list are based on the following factors:

  • Active Minecraft content creator on Youtube
  • Full-Time Youtuber
  • Number of Subscribers

Note: Those who have huge subscribers and their major contents are based on other niches but they sometimes upload Minecraft contents they are not mentioned in this list. For example, Mrbeast and Pewdiepie are not eligible for the list.

10. TommyInnit 

TommyInnit is an English Youtuber, gamer, and Twitch Streamer. He is popular for creating Minecraft-related videos, streaming, and collaborating with fellow YouTubers. His real name is Thomas Simons.  He was born on 9 April 2004 in Nottingham, England. 

He is a member of Dream’s Minecraft Server Dream SMP. He also does Twitch streaming of videos such as Minecraft, PUBG, and Fortnite

TommyInnit YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: TommyInnit
  • Subscribers count: 11.2 million
  • Views Count: 1.3 billion

TommyInnit Social Media Accounts

TommyInnit is in 10th place among the Famous Minecraft Youtubers.

9. CaptainSparklez 

CaptainSparklez real name is Jordan Maron.  He is an American Youtuber, gamer, Twitch streamer, and Electronic Musician. He was born on February 10, 1992, in Los Angeles California USA. He is best known for playing the video game Minecraft and uploading content related to it. 

His main channel “CaptainSparklez” is where he uploads edited Minecraft gameplays and for unedited gaming content he has another channel named “CaptainSparklez 2”. He is also a founder of mobile gaming company “XREAL”. 

CaptainSparklez YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: CaptainSparklez
  • Subscribers count: 11.2 million
  • Views Count: 3.8 billion

CaptainSparklez Social Media Accounts

CaptainSparklez is in 9th place on the top list of Minecraft YouTubers.

8. Sky Does Everything

SkyDoesEverything is formerly known as SkyDoesMinecraft. His real name is Adam Dahlberg. He is an American Youtuber, gamer, and streamer. He mostly uploads content related to the video game “Minecraft”. He was born on January 17, 1993, in Washington USA. 

Sky Does Everything YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: Sky Does Everything
  • Subscribers count: 11.3 million
  • Views Count: 3.8 billion

Sky Does Everything Social Media Accounts

Sky Does Everything is 8th on the list of the biggest Minecraft Youtubers.

7. Aphmau

Aphmau is an online alias named Jessica Bravura. Her nickname is Jess. She is an American Youtuber, born in Houston Texas, on October 16, 1989. She is best known for her unique style of Minecraft gaming videos. 

She is the only female Minecraft YouTuber on the list. She uploads Minecraft roleplays, gameplays, commentary, and various other games. 

Aphmau YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: Aphmau
  • Subscribers count: 11.5 million
  • Views Count: 9.9 billion

Aphmau Social Media Accounts

Aphmau is 7th on the list of best Minecraft Youtubers in the world.

6. PopularMMOs

PopularMMOs is an online alias name of Patrick Brown. He is an American YouTuber and Streamer. He was born on 25 November 1988. He is popular for uploading Minecraft Videos and vlogs. Earlier he played Roblox and Fortnite on his channel. He plays with his ex-wife GamingWithJen in his several videos. 

PopularMMOs YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: PopularMMOs
  • Subscribers count: 17.3 million
  • Views Count: 14.3 billion

PopularMMOs Social Media Accounts

PopularMMOs in 6th place of most popular Minecraft Youtubers in the world.

5. SSundee

SSundee is an online alias name of Ian Marcus Stapleton. He was born on December 2, 1987. He is an American Youtuber and gamer. He is a dedicated Minecraft video game content creator. He also plays Fortnite and Among Us. 

SSundee YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: SSundee
  • Subscribers count: 19.4 million
  • Views Count: 10.3 billion

SSundee Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

SSundee is 5th on the list of top Minecraft Youtubers in the world.

4. Authentic Games

Authentic Games real name is Marco Túlio Matos Vieira. People also called him Marco Túlio. He is also known as Authentic. He is a Brazilian YouTuber. Who mostly create Minecraft and Roblox. He also uploads content such as vlogs, about his life and other fun stuff. 

Authentic Games YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: Authentic Games
  • Subscribers count: 20.1 million
  • Views Count: 8.7 billion

Authentic Games Social Media Accounts

AuthenticGames is 4th on the list of famous Minecraft Youtubers in the world.

3. Jelly

Jelly is an online alias name of Jelle van Vucht. He was born on October 14, 1996. He is a Dutch Youtuber and gamer. He is best known for gaming video and vlogs. He mostly uploads Minecraft-related video games. 

Jelly YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: Jelly
  • Subscribers count: 22.6 million
  • Views Count: 13.6 billion

Jelly Social Media Accounts

Jelly is the 3rd most famous Minecraft Youtubers in the world.

2. DanTDM 

DanTDM is the 2nd most popular Minecraft Youtuber in the world. His real name is Daniel Robert Middleton. He was formerly TheDiamondMinecart. He is an English Youtuber, gamer, author, musician, and actor. He is best known for his video games commentaries. 

He uploads content related to video games Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokemon. He is also a holder of Guinness World Records for his gaming and presenting skills. 

DanTDM YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: DanTDM
  • Subscribers count: 25.7 million
  • Views Count: 18.4 billion

DanTDM Social Media Accounts

DanTDM is 2rd on the list of largest Minecraft Youtubers in the world.

1. Dream

Dream comes in the first position of the best Minecraft Youtubers. He was born on August 12, 1999. He is an American Youtuber, gamer, and Twitch streamer. He is a dedicated Minecraft-related content creator. 

His channel is one of the fastest-growing Gaming Youtube channels. He is the most subscribed Minecraft Youtubers. 

Dream YouTube Details

  • Channel Name: Dream
  • Subscribers count: 27.2 million
  • Views Count: 2.3 billion

Dream Social Media Accounts

Dream is 1st on the list of best Minecraft Youtubers in the world. 

Top 20 Best Minecraft Youtubers

These are the further 10 lists of the most popular Minecraft Youtubers. 

  1. UnspeakableGaming – 10.9 Million Subscribers
  2. Preston – 18.3 million Subscribers
  3. Slogo – 10.5 million Subscribers
  4. Stampylonghead – 10.4 million Subscribers
  5. GeorgeNotFound – 9.78 million Subscribers
  6. Technoblade – 9.39 million Subscribers
  7. Mumbo Jumbo – 7.98 million Subscribers
  8. Grian – 7.23 million Subscribers
  9. TheAltantiCraft – 5.96 million Subscribers
  10. TheBajanCanadian – 5.76 million Subscribers


Below is the complete list of Top 10 Best Minecraft Youtubers in the World.

  1. Dream
  2. DanTDM
  3. Jelly
  4. Authentic Games
  5. SSundee
  6. PopularMMOs
  7. Aphmau
  8. Sky Does Minecraft
  9. CaptainSparklez
  10. TommyInnit 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top 5 female Minecraft YouTubers in the world?

These are the top 5 best female Minecraft Youtubers in the world.

  1. Aphmau
  2. iHasCupquake
  3. LDShadowLady
  4. GamerGirl
  5. Katherine Elizabeth Gaming

Who is the Richest Minecraft Youtuber in the world?

Dream is the richest Minecraft Youtuber with a Worth of $11 million…!

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