Alex Mashinsky Net Worth 2022: Celsius Network, Crypto (Updated)

What is Alex Mashinsky’s Net Worth? (Latest Report)

Net Worth$3.70 Billion
BornOctober 5, 1965
Age57 years
Birth PlaceUkraine
Source of WealthCEO, Investor, Entrepreneur
Last Updated2022

Alex Mashinsky is an Israeli-American businessman. He is best known as one of the earliest developers of VOIP. As of 2022, his net worth is around $3.70 billion. 

He was also the CEO and founder of Celsius Network, a cryptocurrency lending platform. Which went bankrupt in July 2022.

He has founded several companies including Transit Wireless, GroundLink, Elematics and Arbinet.

Currently, he is continuing his position as the founder and managing partner of Governing Dynamics.

If you want to know more about this 57-year-old businessman’s journey from a tough environment in Ukraine to war-torn Israel to tinkering with new tech in America, then read on…!

Alex Mashinsky Biography/ Wikipedia/ Wiki

Real NameAlex Mashinsky
Known AsAlex Mashinsky
Date of Birth October 5, 1965
Age57 Years Old
Gender Male
Horoscope Unknown
Height 5′ 9″
Weight 74.3 kg
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseKrissy Mashinsky
Net Worth$3.70 Billion
ProfessionCEO, Entrepreneur, Investor

How Was Alex Mashinsky’s Early Life And Education?

Alex Mashinsky was born on October 5, 1965, in Ukraine which was a communist country at the time. His family then moved to Israel somewhere in the 1970s, where the Arab-Israel war was ongoing. 

Alex served in the Israeli army for a while before moving to the United States in the 1980s where he currently resides.

Alex went to school at Apponequet Regional High School. From 1980-1982, he studied Electrical Engineering at The Open University of Israel but sadly could not graduate. 

Then he completed his Bachelor of Science in Economics from 1987-1989 at Tel Aviv University.

How Did Alex Mashinsky Start His Career?

Alex Mashinsky started his career by working for various companies, mostly in the tech industry. Though he left those companies.

After he relocated to New York, Alex traded contracts for the delivery of chemicals. Next, he worked at A+ systems.

Alex founded VoiceSmart in the 1990s and then Arbinet in 1996. In 2005, he started GroundLink.

Simultaneously, Alex also invested in companies such as Sphere and Dubset Media Holdings.

In 2014, he made it to the Board of Directors of Novatel and was later appointed as the CEO. He left this position a year and a half later.

In 2016, a fintech company called RTX hired him as the Global CEO and he left this position as well within 6 months due to a dispute with management.

In the following year in 2017, Alex founded Celsius network which recently went bankrupt in 2022 and he resigned a few months later.

Currently, Mashinsky is working as the founder and managing partner of Governing Dynamics which is a company he founded in 2004.

Alex Mashinsky’s Personal Life

Alex Mashinsky’s wife is Krissy Mashinsky. Krissy is the co-founder and the CEO of usastrong.IO. 

They have six children; David, Ethan, Natalie, Mackenzie, and two more whose names are currently not known.

Recently, after the Celsius network went bankrupt, he has been under the watchful eye of the public and media and has been named in the media along with 3 others as ‘The Four Horsemen of the Cryptopocalypse’ for blowing up crypto. 

Major Career Highlights

  • Founder of VoiceSmart, Comgates, Arbinet, GroundLink, Transit Wireless, Celsius Network, and Governing Dynamics
  • Chairman of Transit Wireless
  • CEO of Arbinet, GroundLink, Inseego Corp (formerly Novatel Wireless)
  • Board member of Tellabs


  • Albert Einstein Technology Medal in 2000
  • Technology Foresight Award for Innovation at Telecom ‘99 in 2010
  • Crain’s Top Entrepreneur Award in 2010
  • Nominated for E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002 and 2011

Alex Mashinsky’s Social Media Accounts

How Does Alex Mashinsky Make Money?

These are the major sources of income through which he makes his money:

  • Earnings as a Founder and CEO
  • Earnings as an Investor
  • Earnings as a Managing Partner

Success Lessons From Alex Mashinsky

  • Alex Mashinsky had an unstable childhood and has seen a tough life in Ukraine and then war-torn Israel. He has also been in the military and has seen the horrors, yet Alex did not let his past define him.
  • He has a lot of failed ventures and yet he did not let that hold him back and kept continuously working on new start-ups and projects.
  • Despite being under a lot of heat from the media due to the fall of the Celsius network, he is still kicking.
  • One thing is for sure, this multitasker can handle a lot of pressure. 

Alex Mashinsky’s Quotes

“Tenacity and doing the right thing does pay off.”

Alex Mashinsky

“All of us should have our money work for us, not just us work for our money.”

Alex Mashinsky

“We feel that banks have become such monopolistic institutions that they stopped caring for their depositors, they only care for their shareholders.”

Alex Mashinsky


Alex Mashinsky is a founder of many companies and has invested in many start-ups.

He has also worked as a CEO, managing partner, advisor, etc for many companies. He faced a lot of criticism after many of his ventures failed.

After reading Alex’s story, are you also inspired to build your empire no matter how many times you fail? Are you also willing to get back up after your setbacks and face challenges head-on?

According to the latest report, the net worth of Alex Mashinsky is $3.70 billion…!


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions asked about Alex Mashinsky.

What is Alex Mashinsky’s nationality?

Alex Mashinsky is Israeli.

Is Alex Mashinsky originally Ukrainian?

Yes, Alex was born in Ukraine and later moved to Israel.

Where does Alex Mashinsky live?

Alex Mashinsky currently lives in New York.

Is Alex Mashinsky single or married?

Alex Mashinsky is married to Krissy Mashisnky.

How old is Alex Mashinsky?

Alex Mashinsky is currently 57 years old (as of 2022).

How old is Alex Mashinsky’s wife?

Krissy Mashinsky is 52 years old.

PS: This is not the accurate net worth of Alex Mashinsky.

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