Alex Choi Net Worth 2022: Youtuber (Updated)

What is Alex Choi Net Worth?

Net Worth$3 Million
BornOctober 25, 1999
Country of originSouth Korea
Source of wealthYoutuber
Last update2020

As of 2022, the estimated net worth of Alex Choi is $3 Million. He is a Youtuber who produces content related to Car stunts and showcases his luxury car modification. 

Choi has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. And more than 866k subscribers on youtube and it is still growing.

Being a YouTuber is his main source of making wealth. Though he belongs to a wealthy family. That helped him to modify expensive cars like Lamborghini. Where it’s seen his parents support his passion for expensive cars.

It’s Choi’s passion that has made him famous over social media. He has also been arrested for illegal street racing. Later his video went viral on youtube and people started searching as “Alex Choi got arrested”.

His love of luxury cars, stunts, and modification gave him the freedom to make his own personal wealth.

…let’s checkout his journey.

How Was Alex Choi’s Early Life & Education?

Alex Choi was born on October 25, 1999, in South Korea. Later in his young age, he moved to Los Angeles, US for his further studies. 

All of his videos are made in Los Angeles and its outskirts, like the areas of Beverly Hills. Many times he performed very risky stunts that led to damage to his car. Later on, he realized and learned from it.

In Interviews Alex was asked about his parents. He didn’t speak much about them as his parents chose to like private life. 

During the interview, he was asked about his dangerous stunts and how he had learned it? He says it’s all because of his passion and practice. He added that with every practice I come up with accidents.

When he was 16 years old. He used to practice with his mother’s expensive cars. One day while showing stunts and impressing his friends. He banged the Luxury Mercedes car into small trees. 

He demolished both the trees and the car. He then realized his mistake and considered it for future lessons.

This incident shows his parents’ support. That support has led him to pursue this career. Where lots of money for expensive car modification and risk is involved in performing stunts. Though now with his experience he does take safely majors doing such stunts.

How Did Alex Choi Start His Career?

Alex Choi started his youtube channel on 15 July 2017 as seen in his account. He has come a long way since he uploaded his first video “Fiat 500e Drift Car Build”. This video has got 80k plus views and is still growing.

He started his youtube channel because he loves cars and also because he got a lot of requests on Instagram to start a channel. 

Where in his first video he shows his garage with his and his friends Lamborghini parked. The main purpose of the video was to modify the Fiat 500e to make it a drift car and perform donut.

Till now he has uploaded more 45+ videos in his youtube channel and is still growing. In January 2017. His most famous video “Lamborghini launch control reaction compilation” has got him 12 Million views. 

This video has made him popular among the community and his subscribers started growing rapidly.

He uses varieties of cars in his videos but he is famous for his customized Lamborghini Huracan. Most of the videos you will see in this car. The value of the car is more than $180,000.

He also owns BMW M2 which he has currently modified with yellow color and other customization. You can watch it in his recent video or on Instagram. 

This yellow BMW looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Alex Choi Personal Life 

Alex doesn’t have any confirmed relationship and he is also too young. Though Emelia Hartford is often seen in his video. Alex hasn’t made any such announcement of a relationship.

Emelia is an actor, writer, and famous YouTuber. She has been acting since 2009. She has appeared “from Mexico with love and Men, women and reality”.

In youtube, she has 581k followers and she started her channel on 18 January 2017. Till now she has gained 61,861,153 views on her videos.

She has also participated in the SCCA race competition. They both have a common passion of love for cars. Though either of them has shared about their relationship.

Some Interesting Things About Alex Choi

Alex has been into controversy and it’s obvious when you have such passion for expensive cars. He has uploaded a youtube video entitled “Police seized my car and sent me to jail”. 

In that video, he explained why he got arrested. He got arrested because of attending a stunt show in Los Angeles. It was an illegal show that ended up injuring people.

He again met controversy in September 2018. While he was performing donut with his Lamborghini. A superbike just passed away and a second of the gap to meet an accident. The biker’s girlfriend was there and she pissed him off.

All the scenes got recorded and the video got viral on youtube.

Now again that same year he got arrested for not complying with the words of the police. He also uploaded pictures of his arrest on social media.

Alex Choi Social media Profile

As is a YouTuber and social media star. Check out his different social accounts.

3 Success lesson from Alex Choi

Find Your Passion

Alex says find your pass time. It means finding your passion and doing that and finding a way to monetize it. It will help you to become successful.

Acknowledge the People 

He says the people who supported you at your starting will always support you. So never forget them and always acknowledge them who supported you.

Go fearless

There will be a time when things go wrong. Don’t fear, just do you best for and follow what you love.


Alex Choi is very young and is gaining popularity over the internet. Yes, it’s correct that he didn’t have that struggle like many other YouTubers or successful people. The most imperative point here is how he has leveraged his parent’s wealth to get famous and independent.

We as an individual can be at any stage of life either from wealthy backgrounds or from struggling backgrounds. It’s you who have to decide what you are going to do with your life to become interdependent and successful.

Alex majors followers are youngsters because they all have a common interest: the love for cars.

Even you can have those most expensive cars in your garage. The only thing you have to do is take action right now and start doing what you love. 

As per the recent reports, the net worth of Alex Choi is $3 million…!


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